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AiG’s integrated, three-year Bible curriculum is proving to be extremely popular—in fact, it’s so popular that our warehouse can hardly keep up with the orders. It really is an incredible curriculum to teach apologetics and biblical authority—and to teach chronologically through Scripture. We call it Answers Bible Curriculum. It can be used for Sunday school, Christian school, or at home. We received this letter from a supporter recently:

I want to thank AiG for such an amazing curriculum. As Christian parents we want our children to believe in God and serve Him, but we often fail at teaching them God’s Word and how to defend their faith. Answers Bible Curriculum provides an invaluable tool that enables us to equip our children to defend their faith against the common opinions that deny the veracity of God’s truth. Our children are prepared to refute any claim of an old earth with accurate biblical knowledge. They understand the role of man and woman and God’s definition of marriage. They are convinced, from studying the Bible, that God’s Word can be trusted and it is true. I have been teaching the Bible at my church for four years. But, my most rewarding class is my own family. Every Saturday afternoon we go to our upstairs home-made classroom to study God’s Word and find Answers in Genesis.
Here is a photo taken as this family is using Answers Bible Curriculum.


You can find out more about this amazing curriculum and how to purchase it at

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