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Because people have been exposed to the many topics AiG covers (at seminars, on the radio, through our website and Creation Museum, etc.), it’s possible that many of them can forget what’s really at the heart of what we do at AiG. So I felt it was time to remind everyone of what the core message of the Answers in Genesis ministry really is.

Our culture is quickly abandoning the authority of God’s Word, including two-thirds of youth in the church by the time they reach college age! We can’t afford to forget the heart of the AiG message—it’s about teaching people that they can trust the Word of God, and ultimately, the gospel of Jesus Christ that is presented in that Word.

I've heard many Christian leaders claim AiG’s main message has to do with defending a young earth. But that's not true. The main message of this ministry concerns biblical authority and the gospel. However, in this era, issues of evolution and the age of the earth/universe are an attack on the authority of the Word of God—so we do specialize in the biblical creation apologetics.

In today’s lead article on our website, I explain the heart of the message at Answers in Genesis. Below is an excerpt:

Every so often, I think it’s important to remind people of what the core message is at Answers in Genesis. In fact, our message can be found in a book I wrote 25 years ago and recently updated and revised, titled The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years.

At AiG, we want to make Christians aware of the destructive effects that evolutionary ideas and a belief in millions of years have on the gospel, the church, and scriptural authority in the culture as a whole. Now, the “lie” is more than evolution or millions of years. It speaks to a deeper issue—one that has plagued humanity since Adam and Eve took that first bite of the forbidden fruit. It begins with the question, “Did God really say … ?” (Genesis 3:1). I like to call this the “Genesis 3 attack” of our age—one that causes people to question what God has revealed to us. We are warned in 2 Corinthians 11:3 that Satan will use this same Genesis 3 attack on us as he did to Eve—to make us disbelieve the Word of God.

When sinful human beings believe the lie that God’s Word is not authoritative, we put ourselves in a position of authority over God, disregarding and even rewriting His Word. Our culture is answering the question “Did God really say … ?” with a resounding “No!” Those who question His Word are denying the full authority and accuracy of the Bible from its very first verse. This has had devastating effects on our culture.

I encourage you to read the full article so that you will be better prepared to share the creation/gospel message with others. To read the entire article on the core message of AiG, go to this link.

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