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A total of around 8,000 people (including hundreds and hundreds of kids) attended the various sessions at First Baptist Church in Naples, Florida this past weekend at the AiG conference. The crowds were overflowing in every Sunday service, which is a great reminder of the need for the Answers in Genesis ministry. Christians today are hungry to be equipped with the resources to fight the battle before us in this increasingly secular culture, where God’s Word is being attacked on nearly every front.

I love teaching children. Once again, as we’ve seen across the country at similar conferences, we were able to reach hundreds of children and young people who attended the special school assembly programs in Florida.

I want to remind you that our theme at AiG for the next two years is “Standing Our Ground, Rescuing Our Kids” as we focus on rescuing them from this present evil age.

Recently, I coauthored an article for the AiG website about Arizona State University Professor Lawrence Krauss. He has now posted videos accusing Christians who teach their children about creation of committing “child abuse.” He even accuses those who teach their children about hell of committing “child abuse.”

Lawrence Krauss is an atheist, and he is an atheist on a mission right now to capture your kids for the anti-God religion of atheism. Think about it—he wants you to hand your kids over to him so he can try to brainwash children into believing they are just animals and that they are not made in the image of God. He wants them to be taught when you die, you rot—and that’s it! In essence, he wants your kids to be captured for the devil.

You know, I often think about why people such as Krauss are so aggressive in preaching their anti-God message of meaninglessness, purposelessness, and hopelessness. We we know that in Romans 1 we are told such people know that God is real, so they “suppress the truth in unrighteousness.” And it’s even more than that. They want the focus on them—it is a self-centeredness. They want you to think they are a god! They have succumbed to the devil’s temptation in Genesis 3:5—they want to be like God—they want to be a god!

Such God-haters like Lawrence Krauss and others usually go ballistic when they hear of AiG teaching kids about Genesis. And they just hate me teaching children the truth about science, origins, and how to think correctly about such matters.

This past Monday in Florida, I taught young children for an hour and a half, covering topics like dinosaurs, fossils, the Flood, creation, evolution, the gospel and much more. I showed them how the history recorded in the Bible explains dinosaurs and that observational science confirms the Bible’s history. Secularists hate me teaching children to think correctly about origins as I help them understand what God taught Job in Job 38:4. God asked Job if he was there when God made the earth. But of course, he wasn’t—and that’s the point. When it comes to origins, no human was there to see the earth come into existence! But God has always been there. Evolutionists were not there to see the supposed millions of years of evolution. So I love to teach the kids to ask the question, “Were you there?” when someone talks about millions of years. The kids get it! The atheists don’t want to get it because they don’t want to give up the starting point for their worldview—i.e., that fallible man determines truth.

I taught the high school students how to understand science in relation to the origins issue by showing them the difference between beliefs about the past and knowledge gained by observation, which enables us to build technology.

Recently, Dr. Krauss made the false statement that evolution is the basis of biology and the basis of technology. Absurd nonsense! I made sure I taught the students how to think correctly about such issues. Then I gave them answers to many of the questions skeptics will use to try to make them doubt God’s Word—questions like these: Who made God? How did Noah fit the animals on the Ark? Isn’t natural selection evolution? What about Carbon dating?

It is so thrilling to hear the testimonies of the children and young people after these events. Here are samples of the many responses I received in Florida:

Great sessions these last three days! Thanks for coming to Naples. I’m charged up and planning to be more ready to defend my beliefs!
Thank you for reminding us that God’s Word stands. Also thank you for reminding me why I love science. In studying our world, we can not help but see our Creator God.
My husband and I attended the second service on Sunday morning. It was a blessing. We have a 1 year old son, and God is using your ministry to help us prepare for raising him.
Here are some photos taken this past Monday in Florida, which remind me how precious these kids are—and how I praise the Lord for raising up AiG to help teachers and parents equip their kids in the truth and rescue them from this present evil age.

Monday Morning 2 - Version 2

Sunday Evening 1

Monday Morning 1

This is a photograph of the auditorium taken during one of the Sunday services:

Sunday Morning 1

The response at this conference to the AiG resources was astounding! Thousands of resources are now in the hands of children, young people, and adults. Praise the Lord. Such resources help decontaminate their thinking and assist them to develop a consistent Christian worldview—and to be able to answer the skeptical questions of the age. We sold out of a lot of resources and took many back orders!

Sunday Morning 5

Sunday Morning 4

I do want to thank Pastor Hayes Wicker of First Baptist Church Naples for inviting AiG to his church to conduct this conference! Sometimes when I see the compromise that is so rife in Christian colleges and with so many Christian leaders, seeing pastors like Pastor Hayes Wicker reminds me that God has many godly Christian leaders that do stand for the truth of His Word. Here is a photo of me with Pastor Wicker taken this past Sunday.


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I am writing this blog as I am flying home—and then I will be preparing for our next program (in Tennessee) to do battle for the Lord in this increasing secularized culture!

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