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Secularists try to make out that creationists can’t be real scientists! Not only does AiG employ a number of highly qualified scientists with PhD degrees in many fields, but works with many other scientists outside of AiG. Here is just one of many such examples.

Our long-time ministry friend Dr. Stewart Turner—he has a PhD in aeronautical engineering from the University of Arizona—comes by from time to time to visit us and walk through the Creation Museum. As a museum member, Dr. Turner is always interested to see what’s new at the museum. On a recent visit, he dropped off a set of 36 video talks that he had just produced on a wide variety of creation/evolution topics. Now, we haven’t watched all the videos, but we know that Dr. Turner is in line with us regarding Genesis and we appreciate the fact that this highly professional man is on our side.

To find out more about this academic and fine Christian gentleman, who has a passion to reach young people and adults with the creation/gospel message, go to his newly updated website of You can find out something about his new video set when you go to that link. Dr. Turner has also recently added 10 downloadable PDF files about each DVD that can be printed out, with an outline of each DVD lecture, a “Questions and Answers” section for each lecture, and a bibliography. You can watch some sample videos at

 We find it so encouraging that there are hundreds of Christians who are now giving live creation lectures around the country—many of them having earned doctorates—who accept Genesis and reject evolution. Dr. Turner—who also knows his Bible very well—has gone even further by producing an ambitious video set of his live talks.

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