How Functional Is Your Appendix?

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It amazes me that we still see secular scientists and others using the false idea that the appendix is a left-over (or vestige) of evolution.  The supposed functionless appendix is used as evidence for Darwinian evolution.  This false idea came up in some recent articles, such as in the popular UK newspaper/website The Daily Mail this month.

Basically, Darwin said the appendix was a functionless evolutionary vestige. Because of that, scientists throughout most of the 20th century made light of evidence that the appendix really had a function.  Actually this is just one example of how a belief in a wrong idea (evolution) was detrimental to medical science. But, secularists just can't give up using the appendix as evidence for evolution.  In the past few decades the  evidence the appendix has important functions has become incontrovertible. So what do the evolutionists do with that?  Now researchers (including a surgeon who has done genuine research helping to explain  one of its functions) have decided the appendix not only has a function, but it is so helpful that it evolved independently over 30 times in a variety of mammals. Fancy that!! We're so glad evolutionists finally gave the appendix their blessing!  But of course, they find another way to use it to propagate their false evolutionary ideas.

I urge you to read the more detailed item about the appendix in today's News to Note by Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell at this link.

Beware—Freedom Of Religion Is Becoming Freedom From Christianity!

Another item in this week’s News to Note concerns positions the U.S. Attorney General's office has taken in its arguments trying to deport the Romeike family back to Germany. They previously were granted asylum here. Now the U.S. government is claiming they weren’t persecuted for religion because not all Christians claim they need to homeschool and weren't persecuted for being part of a persecuted group. Why? Well, the US government's argument is because if the family had just changed their minds they wouldn't have been persecuted anymore! Another position the U.S. government is arguing is that if a country prohibits something to everybody, then nobody’s rights are being violated because everybody is being treated the same. There are frightening implications here not only for homeschoolers here and abroad but for Americans in general, particularly in regard to religious freedom.

I urge you to read this item at this link.

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