An Atheist Agrees with Churches?

by Ken Ham on January 28, 2013

Over the years I have given you several examples of atheists who have actually been complimenting church leaders for their compromise with evolution/millions of years.

In fact, I need to address this very frankly: those church leaders (and sadly it is the majority now) who compromise man’s religion of evolution and millions of years with God’s Word are doing two tragic things.

  1. Undermining the authority of God’s Word and teaching people a very low view of Scripture.  This puts people on a slippery slide of doubt and eventually unbelief concerning the entire Word of God. It’s a major reason why at least two-thirds of young people are leaving the church by the time they are college age—see our book Already Gone for details.
  2. Helping the atheists promote their anti-God religion—yes, they are assisting the enemies of God and His Word.
Recently, atheist Michael Zimmerman, in response to an article I wrote about a college student who was vehemently opposing creationists, stated the following:
But wait, his secularist agenda has been fully endorsed by mainstream religions around the world. For example, the Roman Catholic Church and the United Methodist Church are fully in favor of the teaching of evolution, as are a host of other Christian denominations. And the organization that I founded, The Clergy Letter Project, has collected signatures from more than 13,600 American clergy promoting the teaching of evolution, recognizing that such teaching poses no threat to either their religious freedom or beliefs. (
I want to remind you of what I wrote back in 2012:
Last year, a professed atheist, Dr. Eugenie Scott, mailed a fundraising letter on behalf of her organization called NCSE (National Center for Science Education).

… in her letter, designed to cause alarm and raise funds for her anti-Christian organization and “motivate the secular troops” to oppose creationist organizations like AiG, Dr. Scott made a statement similar to the one she has made before on her website about how she seeks to recruit religious people to help her atheist group:

“Find common ground with religious communities and ally with them to promote the understanding of evolution.”
And back in 2008, Dr. Scott’s NCSE website made these statements in an article entitled “How You Can Support Evolution Education?”

One section listed these ideas:

  • “Suggest adult religious education projects focusing on evolution with your religious leaders.”
  • “Encourage your religious leaders to endorse the Clergy Letter Project and to participate in Evolution Weekend.”
  • “Encourage your religious leaders to produce educational resources about evolution and religion, and to take a formal stand in support of evolution education.” …
[The “Evolution Weekend” was founded by atheist Michael Zimmerman—I mentioned him above.]

Now, Dr. Scott, back in September 2000, in her opening statement at the American Association for the Advancement of Science Conference entitled “The Teaching of Evolution in U.S. Schools: Where Politics, Religion, and Science Converge,” said:

“You can’t win this by scientific arguments . . . our best allies were members of the mainstream clergy . . . . The clergy went to school board meetings and said, evolution is okay with us . . . they didn’t want the kids getting biblical literalism five days a week either, which meant they’d have to straighten them out on the weekends.”
In 2005, in an article on this website, I wrote about a supporter of AiG who attended a seminar conducted by Dr. Scott on how to teach evolution in public schools. When dealing with the issue of what to do with Christian students, she offered this sad advice. Our supporter reported:
“I attended the ‘Teaching Evolution’ seminar yesterday led by Eugenie Scott. The teachers were advised to suggest to the Bible believers to consult their clergy who would usually assure them that belief in evolution is OK!!”
Sadly, so many church leaders are now helping atheists like Michael Zimmerman and Eugenie Scott to undermine God’s Word and lead generations of young people down a path of doubt and unbelief concerning God’s infallible Word.

Think about it! Many church leaders are actually helping Zimmerman promote his anti-God religion of atheism:

In fact, I too am an atheist. And I’ve been one for 40-years but what I think is important is that we recognize that people can believe what they want, that there are lots of different kinds of worldviews, there are lots of questions that are asked. Science, as powerful as it is, can only answer a subset of the questions that are of critical importance to humans. (Conversations with Christian and Atheist Activists: Michael Zimmerman)
We need to stand unashamedly and boldly against compromise in the church and “contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3).

As Martin Luther once said, “Whenever we observe that the opinions of the fathers disagree with Scripture, we reverently bear with them and acknowledge them to be our elders.  Nevertheless, we do not depart from authority of Scripture for their sake” (What Martin Luther Says - A Practical In-Home Anthology for the Active Christian, p. 1523).

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