Academic VP and Provost of College Stoops to New Low in Personal Attack

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Many of you have heard of Dr. Michael Zimmerman, an atheist who founded the “Clergy Letter Project” and “Evolution Weekend” (formerly called “Evolution Sunday”) and was previously the dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Butler University in Indiana. He is now the academic vice president and provost of Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.

As an atheist, he founded the “Clergy Letter Project” and “Evolution Weekend” in order to get churches to endorse Darwinian evolution and teach evolution in their churches. In fact, The United Methodist denomination, the Southeast Florida Diocese of the Episcopal Church, and the Southwestern Washington Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America have all officially endorsed the Clergy Letter Project. Sadly, hundreds of clergy from different denominations have signed an evolution-endorsing statement and signed up to promote evolution on Evolution Weekend for the past few years—in 2012 it will be on February 10–12. You can see which clergy and denominations support this at

Zimmerman is known for his vehement attacks on Bible-believing Christians, particularly biblical creationists.

This atheist published an opinion piece dated December 14, 2011, in which I believe he has stooped to a new low in his attack on biblical creationists and those who take God’s Word as written. Even though the piece is somewhat satirical and contains hyperbole, it represents his personal vendetta against Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum in particular, and because I am the CEO and a founder, the brunt of his attack is against me.

But I should be encouraged. I “obviously” wield a lot of power in the USA! For instance, because of what I teach, in America this will “ensure the collapse of their biotechnology industry, many medical advances, most agricultural improvements, and every other business sector that relies on the basic concepts of evolution. It's possible that the country's scientific infrastructure, including the number of peer-reviewed research papers, scientific patents and winners of Nobel science prizes, will decline as a result of the destruction of public school science education.”

I didn’t realize I had that sort of power!

This is a country where it is almost impossible to even mention the word “creation” in the science classes of public schools and where mostly evolution is taught as fact to the majority of public school students. Then because of me—beware of the consequences—the following is what is really going happen: “School systems will be treated to full frontal assaults for teaching the scientific theories that scientists find most enlightening. The result will be a culture war of massive proportions that will convince most teachers simply to ignore meaningful science lessons entirely.”

Oh, and then there is the incredible misinformation about what happened when I was not allowed to speak at a homeschool convention. If you need to, you can read the documented and very revealing truth about this in AiG’s report at

And did you know that because of me, in a culture that is becoming more secular each day, “scientific illiteracy will spread as virulently as a mutant strain of the flu virus. Large portions of the population will mistake the Flintstones for history and believe that humans and dinosaurs happily coexisted, just as Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis teach.”

And there is so much more ridiculous material in this piece (albeit it is satirical). Why do I even bother to bring it to your attention? After all, if you read the article, it will be five minutes of your life you will never get back! But I think most people are discerning enough to recognize they can’t trust what he has written—they can see the “venom” dripping off the page, along with exaggerations.

Well, I bring it to your attention for the following reasons:

  1. To remind you that, sadly, we are seeing an increasing number of academics like this one in secular educational institutions. Who on earth would want to entrust their children to colleges like Evergreen State College with people like this in a high leadership position? What a reminder to check out the AiG list of Christian creationist colleges at
  2. To once again bring the “Evolution Weekend” and “Clergy Letter Project” to your attention so that you can be praying that God will convict these clergy and denominations about supporting an atheist’s attempt to undermine the church with the pagan religion of evolution and convict them to return to the Word of God. And really, do these clergy members think it is biblical to support an atheist and the personal attacks he makes on Christians (such as me)?  It’s interesting that in Zimmerman’s bio linked to by Evergreen State College, his “Evolution Weekend” and “Clergy Letter Project” are held up as wonderful achievements by this Bible-attacking academic.
Well, if you want to read the personal attack and its misinformation, misrepresentations, exaggerations, untruths, and ad hominem arguments, then go to

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