“Yuckology” Wins!

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It is easy to be distressed at the state of this nation, including the rife compromise in the church. At the same time, God has His remnant—those who do stand on the truth of His Word and are willing to publicly stand for Him.

This blog today is to encourage you. A 12-year-old based his speech for a competition on our Answers magazine. Here is what his mother shared with us:

We are so happy to support AiG. The gospel just gushes out everywhere. We're enjoying quite a few books we purchased while we were there [at the Creation Museum].

Another really neat experience we had is when my son, T.J., decided to give a speech on one of the articles in Answers magazine. The article was titled "Yuckology, getting close to gross". It was all about God's perfect design of earwax, mucous, eye crud and sweat. To our delight, he won at the county level, regional level and then went on to win the 12 year old speech category in the state . . . He shared in his speech about Answers in Genesis and gave them the credit for helping him find all his information on the subject.

Later, he saw someone that he didn't know in a neighboring town who happened to be . . . [at] the speech contests. The lady came to him and told him that ever since she heard his speech, she wakes up in the morning, wipes the eye goop out of her eyes and thanks God for his design for keeping her eyes clean.

Just thought I'd share with you. We pray for this ministry and we hope they will continue to find favor with God as they proclaim the gospel message. We are sharing it, too.

Would you like to hear T.J.’s speech? Well, you can actually watch him give the same speech at another venue in this YouTube video.

Isn’t it so encouraging that there are young men like T.J. who are committed to God’s Word? How thrilling it is to know that such young people are reading Answers magazine. We praise the Lord for the way He has used AiG to reach generations of people with the truth of God’s Word beginning in Genesis.

We asked T.J.’s Mom for permission to share about T.J.’s speech with you, and she also sent this message to us:

We love to have people who aren't saved to our house for dinner so that we can lovingly share God's message of hope with them. Really, that's what our family is about. We ARE happy that T.J. won, but we didn't mention the win in our Christmas letter. We did mention God's great design, though, and that he learned all of that from Answers magazine. We want people to see Christ and hear the gospel, that Christ came to save sinners, and we want to be equipped to be able to answer the tough questions. Like I said before, we are so very thankful to AiG and their ministry that proclaims the gospel loudly.

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.” (Romans 1:16). – F.S.

The Lord encourages us with such testimonies. I hope you are encouraged, too.

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