Woe to You, Blind Guides

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“Woe to you, blind guides!” (Matthew 23:16)

A retired geology professor, who is a theistic evolutionist and believes in a local flood (not global as the Bible clearly teaches), has been sending emails to AiG’s geologist, Dr. Andrew Snelling. He has been trying to convince Dr. Snelling to believe the compromise positions the evolutionist holds! But Dr. Andrew Snelling has such a high view of Scripture and is committed to God’s Word (as well as a practicing geologist for decades) that there is no way this professor can sway Andrew to reinterpret the infallible Word of God.

In this latest email to Dr. Snelling, I read this paragraph and just shook my head.  How blind to the truth he is—but I also believe it is a willing blindness!

Read this paragraph from the professor:

Catholic church each has a given set of beliefs which they say must be professed in order to be a member of that church.  In that respect, your set of beliefs is different from mine, so we go to different churches.  I have had numerous personal- or email-communications from former church members who have said that they have left the church and even become atheists because their church leaders required literal interpretations that the Earth was young (6,000 to 10,000 years old) and that Noah’s Flood was global in extent.  Many youth have told me that they are not going to join a church because of these interpretations and because of what they have learned in science courses about evolution and what NASA is doing in planetary and space explorations that make more logical sense.
Here are my observations:
  1. He tries to make out that different interpretations of Genesis are just like other theological differences among churches.  However, what he fails to understand (or does not want to understand) is that while there are various views of doctrine  among churches,  for evangelical churches, most of these differences involve arguments using Scripture to interpret Scripture (e,g., views about eschatology, modes of baptism, and so on).  However, different interpretations of Genesis exist because people begin with the secular views of our age (e.g., evolution and millions of years), and then deliberately reinterpret Scripture to fit those ideas in—thus undermining the authority of the Word of God and making fallible man the authority over God’s infallible Word.
  2. Pollster George Barna and others have done research to show that at least two thirds of young people will leave the church by college age. AiG published the book Already Gone in 2009 to detail the national research conducted by America’s Research Group to find out why those two thirds will leave (and have left) the evangelical church.  One of the major reasons found was the compromise that churches (and church leaders) have made by adding evolution and millions of years into Scripture. This compromise created doubt in the minds of the younger generations and led to them being put on a slippery slide of unbelief through the rest of Scripture.

    This evolutionist professor actually states that young people left the church or won’t go to church because they learned about the “truth” of evolution but their church taught Genesis as truth. He blames the churches for teaching the creation account in Genesis—and is totally blind to the fact that what they have been taught by professors (just like this one) is the real reason they reject what these churches taught!

    How blind can he be!
Sadly, this professor represents the majority of Christian academics and leaders in our churches today—no wonder we see the church in the USA heading in the direction of the church in England. And no wonder we see generations of churchgoers increasingly voting for such things as “gay” marriage,  abortion, etc.

This professor illustrates the sad compromise seen in our churches that is leading so many young people astray.  So sad.

We need to pray such professors will repent of their compromise and return to the full authority of the Word of God.

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