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AiG’s Creation Museum is being challenged once again by the secularists, this time in the renowned magazine Scientific American.1 A guest columnist reports he visited the museum recently. Jacob Tanenbaum, a fourth and fifth grade science teacher, wrote the column titled “A Science Teacher Draws the Line at Creation.”2 The piece was originally published in the January 2013 print edition of Scientific American under the title “Creation, Evolution and Indisputable Facts.”

The fact that the well-known Scientific American has published this commentary is significant. To us it means the editors understand the importance of this battle over origins. In reality, it is a struggle over the question of authority. Who is the ultimate authority—man or God? Whatever authority you acknowledge will determine how you view moral issues such as “gay” marriage and abortion. If God is the authority (and He is), then marriage is one man and one woman, and abortion is a crime against God. If man is the authority, then marriage can be however one wants to define it—and abortion is just another way to kill an animal.

Unsurprisingly, Mr. Tanenbaum’s “facts” about our exhibits aren’t exactly accurate.

For instance, Tanenbaum claims that we teach, regarding the global Flood, that “Noah saved all animal species that we see today from the Flood.” This is a common equivocation that evolutionists make in regard to the animals on Noah’s Ark. As we clearly teach in the Creation Museum, Noah didn’t take representatives of every species of animal we see today—he took representatives of every “kind” of land animal (which is usually at the “family” level of classification). And these animals would have had the genetic material within them to eventually produce the many species we see today. Our researchers are working on a series of articles outlining the kinds that were likely present on the Ark. For the moment, read the first of these articles by Dr. Jean Lightner in our peer-reviewed Answers Research Journal.

We decided to make this article our lead item for the web today, so you can read the rest of the article, which I coauthored with Dr. Georgia Purdom and Steve Golden of our staff, at this link.

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