On National Radio Tonight!

by Ken Ham

We just learned that a radio interview I recorded earlier this week will be aired tonight at 10:00 PM Eastern time on the nationally syndicated radio program The Steve Deace Show. I was pleased to help play host to Steve and his family from Iowa a few days ago here at the Creation Museum.

The Steve Deace Show is aired on dozens of radio stations around the United States, and it includes stations in some major radio markets (e.g., on the American Family Radio Network, the Salem Radio Network, and so on). He interviewed me about a number of things, including our ministry’s response to the anti-creationist YouTube video that Bill Nye the Science Guy (of PBS TV fame) produced, which has become very popular. By the way, here is my latest YouTube reply to Bill Nye’s assertions about evolution:

You can listen to Steve’s interview with me, conducted here at the Creation Museum, tonight at 10:00 PM Eastern time. For a station listing, or to listen online, go to this link.

Dr. Georgia Purdom, our molecular geneticist, was also interviewed by Steve when he was here, and she will be heard during the 9:00 PM hour (although not as many stations carry the 9:00 PM program.)

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