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by Ken Ham on August 23, 2012

As many of you know, I spent a couple of weeks in England and Northern Ireland on a speaking tour earlier this month. Shortly after I returned to the US, a reporter with the Belfast Telegraph, Fionola Meredith, wrote an extremely negative article about the talk I gave at Martyrs Memorial Church in Belfast.

In Meredith’s article, she characterized my talk as a “blood-red battlecry of Christian militancy,” and she described me as a “true showman” with a “swaggering ego.” Her article was a flagrant attempt to discredit the ministry of Answers in Genesis and the authority of God’s Word.

While I was in Northern Ireland, I gave a talk at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in Belfast, which dealt with a lot of similar material as the talk that Fionola Meredith attended. It was not the talk the reporter attended, but nonetheless it represents the basic message I give. The video of my talk is available on Metropolitan Tabernacle’s website. It was very professionally produced, with my many illustrations shown on the screen as I was speaking. Really well done!

I urge you to watch my talk for yourself and see how the secularists often misrepresent biblical creation ministry.

Compare how I say things and what the reporter writes about us. Because we live in a world where even much of the church has rejected Genesis chapters 1–11, this reporter’s negative response is no surprise. But despite the secular world’s rejection of the authority of the Bible, we must continue to contend for the faith against the secular attacks of our day. We must share with the entire world “the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes” (Romans 1:16).

Atheist Billboards

I want to draw your attention to Dr. Georgia Purdom’s blog post this week about a new atheist billboard campaign. These anti-God boards are being posted by the group American Atheists, the same group whose president debated Dr. Terry Mortenson of our staff last June on CNN. Here is the offensive board:

This is not the first time the American Atheists group has mocked Christianity with billboards—see two of their anti-Christmas boards at this Answers magazine article.

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