Holiday Billboard Wars


For the past several holiday seasons, atheist organizations have ramped up their “evangelism” efforts through public advertising. Most hope to share the freedom they believe is found by setting aside religious beliefs.

But you can turn these atheists’ mean-spirited efforts into something good.


During the holidays billboards from humanist and athiest groups might appear in your area. Why not use these signs as a springboard into a conversation about the gospel?

As you pass billboards and bus advertisements telling people to be “good without God” or comparing Jesus to Santa Claus, talk about them! Use these signs as a springboard into a conversation about the true hope of Christ, the Creator and Savior.

“Did you notice that new billboard? What do you think?” Asking nonthreatening questions is a great way to begin a conversation.

And don’t forget all the other venues to intentionally share your faith: family gatherings, office parties, Christmas caroling, or Christmas movies.

Paul asked the Colossian church to pray that he would proclaim the gospel regularly and boldly, as he ought (Colossians 4:2–6). Toward this end, we should be fervently praying for ourselves and each other, no matter what the season!

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