The Death of Darwinism

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The past few days Answers in Genesis staff and a team of volunteers have been distributing over $50,000 worth of DVDs, books, and magazines to thousands of government school teachers and administrators at the National Education Association annual conference in Washington, DC. One of the AiG staff members who has been manning the booth at this conference sent me the following:

The theme for this year’s outreach at the annual NEA conference is “The Death of Darwinism.” The NEA (National Education Association) is the nation’s largest labor union in America, with over 3 million members, and which primarily represents public school teachers. It is one of the most liberal organizations in America today, promoting homosexual behavior, abortion, etc. It is a tremendous blessing from the Lord that AiG has been able to donate tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of creation and gospel materials for the past 16 years to the “NEA Creation Science Educators’ Caucus” to be freely distributed to thousands of school teachers.

The NEA outreach we have has been fertile ground for “creation evangelism.” For the first ten years or so, we were demolishing the evolutionary ideas taught as fact in many public schools. And for the last few years, we have been strongly promoting the gospel message with 20-foot banners exalting Jesus Christ as the Creator and Redeemer.

This year’s banner, “The Death of Darwinism,” has a two-fold message: First, life only comes from life, also known as the law of biogenesis. True operational science (as famously demonstrated by Louis Pasteur in the 1800’s) has shown that life never comes from non-life. Secondly, the origin of life is actually the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible proclaims Jesus Christ as the eternal life from whom all things have been created. “All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being. In Him was life…” (John 1:3–4).

Darwinian evolution requires life to have spontaneously generated from inorganic matter millions of years ago. Observational science has disproven this outdated notion of spontaneous generation even in the minds of evolutionists, yet Darwinists dream that it must have happened at least once millions of years ago. That’s not science; that’s blind faith.

Christians have the true history of the universe, as found in the Bible. Our faith is based upon the Word of God and cannot be shaken by the vain imaginations of Darwinists. The Bible clearly proclaims that Jesus Christ (eternal life in 1 John 1:2) is the Creator of the universe, from whom all life comes and true science, such as the law of biogenesis, confirms this.

Donors to a special NEA fund have been pleased to support this outreach for many years. If you would like to see this special creation evangelism ministry continue, please consider designating your donation to AiG to the special “NEA fund.” Thank you.

Starting this weekend, 3,000 copies of the evangelistic Check This Out DVD will be given away to mostly unbelieving school teachers and administrators (along with thousands of other DVDs, books, and magazines). Praise the Lord, we are also able to encourage and strengthen the few Christian teachers who are NEA delegates. Please pray for the teachers this week, that the Lord would open their hearts and minds to the truths of God’s Word (especially the gospel message) and that our staff and volunteers will be sharing with them one on one. Check out the Creation Science Educators Caucus blog, which has been updated multiple times daily.

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