AiG in New Orleans

by Ken Ham

This week, AiG has a booth at the Southern Baptist Convention in New Orleans. Here is a photograph of our booth as I was talking with people:


So many pastors came and told us how thankful for AiG resources that they use in their church and have had a great impact on children, young people, and adults!

We praise the Lord for the opportunity to be invited to this convention so even more church leaders will be made aware of the Creation Museum and AiG ministry.

The big news coming out of the SBC annual meeting—which is being covered by all the major news outlets in the U.S. today—was yesterday’s election of Pastor Fred Luter of Louisiana as the SBC’s new president. We were honored to have Dr. Luter speak to our staff two months ago and tour our Creation Museum; see this blog post.

We also have talked about conducting a seminar in Dr. Luter’s New Orleans church next year, including a session on the topic of the “one blood” message of racial reconciliation—tackling the question: where did all the people groups (“races”) come from?

On my blog tomorrow, I will write more about the historic election of Dr. Luter.

Mount St. Helens Like You’ve Never Seen It!

From time to time, I alert you to special activities relating to biblical apologetics that occur outside the AiG ministry—especially those unique events that help Christians have a better understanding of the authority and accuracy of Genesis.

Our ministry friend Dr. Steve Austin has spent over 30 years studying the eruption of Mount St. Helens in the state of Washington and its aftereffects. For information on how the eruption of that volcano in 1980 helped provide wonderful geologic evidence to support the Genesis Flood (like deep canyons and thick layers of rock), go to this article by another outstanding geologist, Dr. Andrew Snelling. Dr. Austin will be conducting a special hiking tour and lecture at Mount St. Helens on August 3 and 4. Dr. Austin and our friend Dr. Keith Swenson will be leading the activities. The hikes might be somewhat rigorous, but you will be able to see a part of the Mount St. Helens area that few people do. For example, you will have the opportunity to see the canyon area close-up because that requires an off-trail permit with a qualified scientist—and that’s just what Dr. Austin is!

For more information on these hiking trips into the blast zone of this famous volcano, plus the lectures that will be given the night before, go to

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