More Radio-activity

by Ken Ham on April 29, 2012

Next month, we will be releasing a new version of our Answers … with Ken Ham radio program. A :90 version has been airing for almost 18 years on several hundred radio stations around the United States and overseas. However, we have been informed by many Christian stations that they would prefer a :60 format as opposed to :90. As we shared with radio stations that we were shortening our program (and I only have to reduce my teaching a few seconds because our ending announcements are much shorter), we have received a warm welcome. We think this new format will allow our radio network to grow even bigger.

As we reformatted the Answers program, we added a new music bed and also a new announcer’s voice—after 18 years, Mark Looy will be going into “radio announcer retirement” (though he will still take an active role in the production).

For a preview of the new radio format, which will start to air on May 7 on our network of stations, see below:

For the mp3 file, click here.

For a list of stations that carry the Answers radio program, go to the radio page.

If your local Christian radio station does not carry our Answers program, please find the general manager’s email address and send the demo recording that is linked to above here on this blog post—with a note of encouragement that the station air this relevant and faith-building program, which is now at a convenient :60 format.

Visit the Grand Canyon

As you listen to this sample radio program, please be aware that this topic of Noah’s Flood, geology, and even dinosaurs is something that we cover quite a bit in our ministry. The most intensive teaching we do on Flood-related  geology is on one of our raft trips on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, co-hosted by our friends at Canyon Ministries. Two of our upcoming raft trips have already filled, but we have a special four-day trip that leaves in late August where seats are still available. For some great teaching on what the Bible says about Noah’s Flood, and how the Grand Canyon provides a wonderful testimony to the accuracy of the biblical account—plus to receive excellent Bible teaching and devotionals from my brother Steve Ham (one of our best communicators)—go to the Grand Canyon raft trips page for more information.

Since my brother Steve is taking his teenage son David on this August trip, it is something of a “father-son outing” for them. Maybe there are some of you who would consider taking your son on such a trip—just before the school year is starting in many areas around the country.

A few years ago I went on one of these Canyon raft trips. Even though I had stood on the Canyon’s rim a few times before, being at the bottom and seeing the sedimentary layers stacked as they were really helped me better understand how the Canyon provides great confirmation of what the Bible teaches about the Flood in Genesis (chapters 6–9). It’s a great experience not only for the teaching but the Grand Canyon is just a spectacular place to see from the bottom. Looking up a mile to the Canyon’s rim is a jaw-dropping experience.

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