Dealing with Physical and Spiritual Problems

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Here are two examples of doctors who are supportive of AiG and are using AiG resources to reach their patients with the message of biblical authority and the gospel:

1. It is always refreshing to see the Word of God affect and transform people from all walks life. Recently, I received encouraging photos taken in the waiting room of Dr. Jack & Barbara Manuele (NUCCA Board Certified). Their family practice in the Los Angeles area treats spinal misalignments and more importantly the spiritual misalignment many patients have with God. You see, while visitors are waiting, children have the opportunity of knowing God as their Creator and Savior through Answers for Kids books, Dinosaurs for Kids, A is for Adam and other AiG materials. Also, adults get incredibly engaged with Answers magazines and our faith-defending Pocket Guides that help readers think and reflect over what they really believe in. But that’s not all! During office visits, the Lord often allows Dr. Jack and Barbara to further equip those young in the faith and even minister to staunch atheists! In fact, just a few weeks ago, two particular well-to-do atheists accepted an invitation to see the Passion Play at the Manuele’s home church. It is truly a remarkable to see how the Lord continues to reach the unreachable through the AiG family. Here are some photographs Dr. Jack sent us:

2. Steve Flink is a medical doctor near Indianapolis who uses AiG materials in his office to reach people with the message of the truth of God's Word.  He sent us an email stating: “I have three exam rooms at my medical office.  I have had gospel tracts in all the rooms for many years.  Recently I placed the  Answers Book for Kids, volume 2 on dinosaurs and the Flood in one room.  I have had several of my older patients inquire about how to order the set of books for their grandchildren.  In another room I placed Ken Ham's book on dinosaurs for kids.  In the third room I have placed Answers magazine.  Often, when I enter the room, my patient is looking at the book or magazine.  However, the one that has brought the most interest is the Answers Book for Kids.” Dr. Flink sent us some photographs (see below) and explained: “I place the materials on the edge of my desk.  The patient sits in the chair next to my desk.  This is how I place the materials.  I don't have a magazine or a book rack in my exam room.”

Dr. Flink also speaks on creation in churches.  How we praise the Lord for people like this who use AiG resources to reach more people with the truth of God's Word and the gospel. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,


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