Atheists Use Unethical Tactics to Attack Creation Museum

by Ken Ham

For atheists, there really is no basis for their ethics, therefore they believe they can do whatever they want if they can get away with it. What is “right” or “wrong” to such people is all relative. So, to them, their tactics aren’t “unethical,” and their actions against AiG and our Creation Museum are just what atheists are inclined to do because they are so intolerant of Christians. It is a part of their “suppressing the truth in unrighteousness” (Romans 1) as they try to censor those they disagree with—especially Christians.

These are the same people who are largely behind efforts to stop students even hearing evidence against evolution in the classroom or being allowed to hear the Bible’s account of history. As they attack our Creation Museum by attempting to crash an on-line poll, these atheists have shown their disdain for Christianity. Let me explain.

A travel website—Budget Travel (which is also a magazine)—sent out an email stating the following:

In 2011 we picked 15 places every kid should see before 15 from Ellis Island to Redwood National Park. Now it’s time to revisit that list with your input! What makes a monument worthy of inclusion? It needs to be fun, educational, and especially magical through the eyes of a child. Of course, it should be enjoyable for parents too. Submit your nomination and vote on existing nominations to move them higher in the list. Voting closes on February 21, at which time we’ll doour homework on your favorites and put together the new list. Check back in March for the results!
People did nominate the Creation Museum in huge numbers. It was not only in the top five picks when I viewed it, but the museum actually had the largest number of votes. However, atheists found out about this poll. Here is what one of them said.
Keep the Children Out of Here … The website Budget Travel is taking nominations for a list of “15 places every kid should see before 15” — they’ll eventually feature their list (culled from the nominations) in the magazine of the same name.Currently at the top of the list? The Creation Museum … Of all the places kids ought to visit at a young age, the Creation Museum should be faaaaaaar down on the list. It’s much more entertaining when you’re older and know enough about how the world works to realize the whole thing’s a sham. So go vote for the current #2, the US Space & Rocket Center in Alabama. All you have to do is click on the Thumbs Up sign next to the site’s name. In fact, go vote for anything so that the museum gets kicked off the list. Then tell your friends to vote, too …
Not surprisingly, as atheists (who have no interest in this travel website at all except to attack the Creation Museum) crashed this poll, the US Space & Rocket Center votes escalated (and by the way, this may be a good place to take kids). The sad thing is, a number of those voting for this center are not so much voting for the rocket facility as they are actually voting against the Creation Museum—all because of their intolerant atheist religion. So the atheists are ruining this poll. Granted, it is not a scientific poll as statistical researchers would do; nonetheless, such polls can be an interesting indicator.

Then another atheist (a university professor with the University of Minnesota-Morris), who is so committed to his atheist religion that he arrogantly blasphemes and vehemently attacks Christians, also attempted to rally his “religious atheist” devotees (yes, atheism is a religion—it’s a whole worldview) to vote against the Creation Museum. He stated the following:

This is an awful poll: it’s trying to build a list of 15 Places Kids Should See Before 15, and here are the top 5 so far:

#1:U.S. Space and Rocket Center, AL #2:Creation Museum, KY #3:Smithsonian Museum of American History, DC #4:Alabama Space and Rocket Center, AL #5:Yellowstone National Park, WY

The Creation “Museum” was at #1 earlier, but it has begun to slide downward. How about pushing it further? There is the problem that there are so many options that it’ll be hard to focus and knock out the Creation “Museum” — it has 700 votes already — so you might want to peruse the list and vote for any choice that has a chance at passing it by.

What is interesting is that when you view the several initial comments made about the Creation Museum at this travel website, they are overwhelming positive … until they suddenly turn very negative, and it was right when the evolutionist anti-museum campaign kicked in!

Also, we know that an atheist camp for young people has been nominated by a web visitor and added to the Budget Travel attraction list, but a camp does not really qualify in this listing of attractions and landmarks.

Also, some of the atheists obviously listed names to mock/spoof the Creation Museum (the website, though, has since removed these) and also dilute votes from the real Creation Museum. Here are a few names that were used.

  • Creation Musuem, KY (note the slight misspelling, designed to draw unwary web voters away from the real listing and keeping its tally low)
  • Creatard Museum, KY
  • Creeashun Muzm, KY
  • Crustacean Museum, KY
Here is the link to the travel website where people vote for attractions.

Here are the links to the two atheist websites. However, I urge you not to go to these links, as I have to warn you they often use foul language, blasphemy, sexually explicit content, etc.—best not to even go to them (and I haven’t made the links active for those reasons).

It’s a reminder that we are engaged in a spiritual battle for hearts and minds.

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