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Can you imagine talking to the apostle Paul and saying something like, “I bought my wife a Kindle, and I have an iPad with a Kindle app, so we can download books and read them whenever we need to. I also like to download videos to my mobile device! Even my iPhone has a a Kindle app and an iBook app.”

We certainly live in an interesting age of technology. One of the challenges we have had as a ministry is to make sure we remain cutting edge technologically so we can provide AiG resources in ways people can use them.

AiG and our publisher Master Books have been working hard so we can eventually provide all our books in electronic format and also have all our videos available for download. We already have a large number of resources available in our digital download section on the AiG website. There one can find eBook downloads, video downloads, audio downloads, and PDF downloads.

I encourage you to check out this section of our website, but come back regularly as we are continually adding new resources. And this section will explode over the summer as we have interns devoted to putting up many more resources.

Also, make sure you receive our email newsletter as we will have extra special download specials regularly, such as this one—the Logic & Faith Pocket Guide eBook for only 99 cents.

If you don’t receive AiG’s email newsletter, I encourage you to sign up so you can receive the latest special offers and keep up to date on the latest resources.

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