Who Has a Birthday Today?

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Yes, Abraham Lincoln was born on this day, but today, secular humanists and compromising and liberal clergy are more likely to be celebrating Darwin’s birthday. Charles Darwin was born on February 12, 1809. He published his book On the Origin of the Species in 1859 and 12 years later released The Descent of Man. Darwin’s ideas of biological evolution, built on his belief in geological evolution (millions of years), have permeated the world and sadly  much of the church.

Last week I wrote a blog post on a project called “Evolution Weekend,” directed by an atheist. This atheist is working to get as many churches as possible to celebrate Darwin around his birthday date.

The Sacramento Bee newspaper in California wrote about one church that will be celebrating Darwin. The article stated the following:

As pastor of All Saints Episcopal Church, the Rev. Betsey Monnot believes in both the word of God and the work of Darwin. This Sunday, her congregation will hear a message about both.

"Belief in one enhances the other," Monnot said.

The pastor studied physics in college and does not believe the theory of evolution contradicts the teachings of her faith. She said the Bible was not intended as a science book but rather is essential for telling "stories that help us understand who we are." …

This weekend, Monnot's congregation will join hundreds of other churches across the country – including about half a dozen in the Sacramento area – with sermons about the compatibility of science and faith. It's all part of the seventh annual Evolution Weekend, a program by the Clergy Letter Project that promotes science and religion.

The reporter who wrote this article called me and asked a number of questions. She asked me what was wrong with believing in both evolution and God. She did not quote much of what I said but did state the following:
Ken Ham disagrees. He is the founder of the Creation Museum in Kentucky, which opened four years ago and has had more than 1 million visitors. He is currently working on his next project, a replica of Noah's Ark. He criticized Evolution Weekend, calling it "insignificant."

"Basically only the most liberal churches have signed up to participate," Ham said. "If you are a Christian and you believe in evolution, then you are undermining biblical authority."

To Ham, it is clear. "Darwin said man comes from ape," he said. "The Bible makes it clear that man comes from dust."

(Actually I say that Darwinian evolution has man coming from an ape-like creature and woman from an ape-like creature, which is different than was reported; whereas the Bible teaches man came from dust and woman from his side, which is quoted by Jesus in Matthew 19 as the basis of the doctrine of marriage.)

I did tell the reporter that the list of churches that have signed up for Evolution Weekend are mainly theologically liberal churches, and I added, with an inordinate number of women clergy. The particular Sacramento-area church the writer reported on has a woman pastor—who obviously doesn’t understand the difference between operational (observational) science and historical science. When clergy like this make the comment “science and faith,” they really mean that “biological, geological, and cosmological evolutionary belief” is supposedly compatible with God’s Word. However, that is simply not true, as dozens of articles on this website show—see http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/lie/genesis-evolution-not-mix for an example.

You can read the entire report on the newspaper’s website.

Adding man’s religion of evolutionary belief and millions of years to the Bible and reinterpreting God’s Word is an attack on the Word (an attack on Christ, who is the Word) and an attack that undermines the authority of the written Word—the Bible.

To me, what is happening in the church—as church leaders compromise Darwin’s pagan ideas with God’s Word—can be summed up with the photograph below of Darwin’s grave:

Darwin was buried in the floor of Westminster Abbey, the impressive church in London. He was effectively buried in the foundations of the church—honored by the church. Yes, a man who popularized an idea to explain life without God is honored by the church and buried in the foundations of the church. A similar thing is happening to the church today. Many churches have in essence buried Darwin in the foundation of their church, and as Psalm 11:3 states, “If he foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?”

God’s people need to repent of compromise and return to the foundation of the inerrant Word of God instead of building on the foundation of fallible sinful man.

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