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Where Is Baker Publishing Group Heading?

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Years ago, I always thought of Baker Publishing Group (originally known as Baker Book House) as a place that published a number of the best biblical creation books available (for instance, books by the late Dr. Henry M. Morris).

But just as we see compromise permeating the church, we also see the same compromise existing in many once-solid Christian publishing companies.

Just recently, I wrote a review for our AiG website on the book The Evolution of Adam, published by Brazos Press (a division of Baker Publishing Group). It is so sad that this heretical book denies a literal Adam, literal Eve, and literal Fall and claims the apostle Paul was not referencing a literal Adam in 1 Corinthians 15 or Romans 5. You can read the review on our website.

I also wrote a recent blog post (entitled “Will Pastors Miss the ‘Millions of Years’ Point?”) in which I commented on a recent survey by LifeWay showing the number of pastors who believe in evolution and millions of years.

Well, recently I received an email from an AiG supporter, commenting on a sad blog post by Louis McBride. McBride describes himself as “the Bible and Academic Book Buyer here at Baker Book House, a family owned independent Christian Bookstore which started in 1939 (our parent company is Baker Publishing Group). I’m also on the Church Relations Team which specializes in working with our local churches.”

What a sad day when the Academic Book Buyer for Baker Book House, and a member of its Church Relations Team, would write the following in commenting on the LifeWay research and Peter Enns’ new book:

[McBride:] So if I were answering this poll here’s how I would answer (at least for the time being):

“I believe Adam and Eve were literal people.” Strongly agree (but with more room for doubt than a year ago).

“I believe God used evolution to create people.” Somewhat agree (and leaning towards “strongly agree”)

“I believe the earth is approximately 6,000 years old.” Strongly disagree (and extremely unlikely to change) …

I have just started Peter Enns’ new book The Evolution of Adam. In the Introduction he talks about who is primary audience is. It is written to Christians “of whatever tradition or stripe . . . [who] are convinced, for whatever reason, that evolution must be taken seriously.” (x) He continues, “My aim is to speak to those who feel that a synthesis between a biblically conversant Christian faith and evolution is a pressing concern.” (x) That’s me!  For far too many this path I’m on will be viewed as an inevitable road to unrestrained liberalism. I just want to say the conversation is worth having.

You may read the entire blog post at this link. I believe the following email I received from the AiG supporter sums up the situation with Baker Publishing Group and Dr. Enns:
You probably have already read the blog of Louis, who reviews books for Baker Book House (including The Evolution of Adam by Peter Enns), but I found it interesting to see the steps to apostasy eroding at this man's (Louis) faith as well as the LifeWay Research chart he included.  The link is:  The AIG article "Will Pastors Miss the 'Millions of Years' Point?" brought this home as the devastation these authors have brought on pastors and Christians whose faith had been based solely on the Word of God.  Although I hate to see this happening before my eyes, I am reminded of the original sin where Satan tempted Eve with the heretical and evolutionary ideas of becoming like God and not trusting the words of God completely.  We are still falling for these "lies" today.  Even solid pastors have failed to see this.  If only we would all take heed of the verse quoted in this article:  "The fear of man brings a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe." (Proverbs 29:25).
We can clearly see the seeds of doubt leading to unbelief operating in this employee at a Christian book publisher as the influence of compromising with evolution and millions of years takes its toll. We already see the sad result of compromise with a once theologically conservative Christian book publisher now publishing a heretical book like that of Peter Enns.

Yes, it’s a sad day for the church and a sad day for Christian book publishing.

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