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Feedback from the recent All-Asian Creation Conference held two weeks ago in Malaysia has been pouring in. The organizer of the conference in Malaysia, Joseph Tan, sent me feedback so I could share it with you. Also, in a future blog post, I will share photos of this wonderful event that drew (including part-time attendees) about 1,000 people from all over Asia.

I would encourage you to read the statements below from your Christian brothers and sisters in a number of countries. I believe this will give you a perspective on what is happening in other countries and also on the great need for the AiG ministry to impact Christian leaders and churches around the world. I trust as you read the feedback below (some of it is in broken English but still very understandable), you will be burdened, as I am, to pray for more laborers to spread the truth of God’s Word beginning in Genesis.


Nearly all the 500 from Malaysia were believers, and I learnt that there is a surprisingly large percentage of believers in the country (approx 10% would be [at least] nominally Christian). However I spoke to one delegate from Kuala Lumpur who was not yet a believer and had fallen away from belief in Christ primarily because he had been just given a superficial understanding of what it meant to be a Christian, without any careful ministry showing the intellectual rigour of the faith which is firmly anchored in Genesis. He has gone away very thoughtful and I think is close to the kingdom.

Another is a believer and a government geologist, but very unsure of 6 day Creation but really made to think after hearing all the talks over these last few days. These were typical of the conversations with the many delegates.


I went to Malaysia for fun and for a Bible conference on Genesis. Malaysia is a beautiful and very English-speaker-friendly country (and parts are also very Mandarin-speaker friendly!).

The best part of this trip was the conference. It was the first All-Asia Creation Conference.  The 700ish attendees were from 20 different countries in Asia (of course the majority were from Malaysia and there was one Italian named Guiseppe! Not sure when Italy moved to the continent of Asia, must be a recent translocation to bolster her economy )[.] Such a spirit of unity and enthusiasm. The speakers (what a variety accents!  The Aussie and the English professors particularly enjoyed jabbing at one another's English)  gave so much detailed, logical, foundational, wonderful information showing us how science [and] the Bible are not contradictory nor mutually exclusive. And how observational science confirms over and over the Biblical account of a global flood; evidence for Creation and how it can answer questions of the origins of life as well as philosophical questions of life to which evolution cannot provide reasoned answers, and throughout, the emphasis was how to use Creation to strengthen the faith of believers through apologetics as well as another means for reaching people for Christ.  A reasoned faith based on the Bible not blind emotion!

Myanmar (Burma)

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Hope that you are well with family and the people that you are serving. I really appreciated the way you assisted to join All Asian Creation Conference. The conference was so amazing and it is a new way of reaching to each nation. It reminded me that, we need to laid solid foundation of Christian belief . . . [s]o that our next generation can carry out this good news of Christ to other people groups and nations. Again, thank you so much for everything. May our good Lord richly bless you, family and of ministry


It is with a grateful heart to God to be part of the All-Asian Creation Conference, and I would like to let you know that it has been quite refreshing. You've done a great part in keeping the program and people on schedule, and your team has done a tremendous job in glorifying God through serving others. May you continue to stay faithful in the ministry that God has given you. Kindly extend me personal thanks to the speakers as well.


It's a great pleasured after attending the conference that bless[ed] me  and the participants .. I thank [the] LORD [for] providing such an important  conference in Malaysia . [And] thank  you Joseph sir [and] your friends and your kind hospitality . I am so blessed  and  thank you once more  from the core of my heart. [And] i [miss] you all a lot ...  


Thank you very much for organizing the first Creation conference of its kind in Asia. It was a great blessing to my children, Tiana & Kitron ,as well as myself ( although , truth be told , I was initially a reluctant participant & I went because I was getting fed-up with my children's penetrating questions & my perpetual ever- ready answer-'I don't know!!!')[.] I came out of the conference renewed in spirit having received a fresh insight into Genesis , and all fired up & confident to share what I'd learnt to my cell [group] last night. Now  my pastor has asked if I am prepared to share as well in church sometime at the beginning of next year … Just to let you know:   Most of the pastors here are eager and hungry to learn the truth but have been exposed to the millions of years teachings at school college and University and to hear that the Earth is as old as the Bible says requires  a lot of convincing. But I believe the way that AIG  presents the evidence to refute the millions of years theory is the answer. As one of my cell members commented,"we really need to reeducate ourselves because we have always been indoctrinated with darwin's evolution and millions of years theories and it's not going to be easy; we have always assumed that Discovery Channel and National Geographic is right!"

Hope you can assist to fill this vacuum.


Greetings in the name of Jesus.I attended the Creation Conference and certainly it had a great impact on me.

God will truly bless you for the work you have put on to host this first Creation Conference … I would like to invite you to speak in my church, hope you don't mind.

Keep it up. Thanks. God bless

… For me it's a very refreshing & enlightening conference on God's creation, Noah's ark, Dinosaurs, 'millions of years' with convincing & passionate speakers like Ken Ham & Prof Andy McIntosh.


Hello bro Tan, [it’s] a great blessing for me to attend the conference and thank you for all you [have] done in organizing the conference, the time that you have spent, glory to the Lord. [F]or i [have a] great interest and burden in pursuing th[e] subject. [S]ee how the Lord lead me then. i also [have the] opportunity to network [with] a missionary at Cambodia …

East Malaysia

It was a great conference last week and I really learned a lot. I was the most interested and beneficial conference of any kind that I’ve ever [attended].

I’d like to bring the message of creationism further in Sarawak, particularly Kuching because I believe [it] will be effective[,] especially for the so-called intellectuals.

A Parent

7 year old son is well exposed to the topic now, and well explained on areas that I was unable to explain earlier. Myself also learnt a few new things, and understand better how millions of years theory can impact badly on our faith.

Other plus point that I personally love is the demonstration how we can stand firm and defend our believe, how we not compromise.

Youth Leader

This conference has opened up my eyes and mind to realize: 1) the importance of creation science and 2) how people all over the world are serving our Great God in so many different ways.

I have to confess: I didn't think of millions of years much before the conference but now i know the implications & serious consequences. I would like to be part of this great ministry and am keen in being trained.

Marketplace Leader

Enlightening and informative.Gives me a totally new perspective of creation and evolution. Very useful tools for evangelism especially to those who poses questions onsuch issues like evolution. Generally very well organised.

Marketplace Professional

… It's a good conference to call the church back and be faithful to the Bible.

Marketplace Professional

I got to understand a lot more about a more correct and accurate biblical creation especially how to fight the evolution idea

Ministry Leader

The presentation[s] of the Book of Genesis were clear I find it very knowledgeable and the creation truth was definitely eye-opening


The teachings were fascinating, clear, easy to follow and answered many prevalent questions in the minds of both Christians and non-Christians.


First of all … we want to thank you for organising such a Word based Conference, and very entertaining as well! Our prayer is that we be faithful to all that we have learnt and continue to build our muscles to be faithful disciples of Jesus!

Just to encourage you.........Yesterday, when Ken showed the book BEGIN… my Indonesian helper and I, both said at the same time that would be a good book to translate to Bahasa Malaysia and then to Indonesian. This morning, [she] shared that after yesterday, she told the Lord that she wanted this to continue, that she wanted to remain on fire concerning what she has learnt, and that she was thankful that she was able to go. She also told the Lord that she is uneducated, unlike all these educated people, professors, how could she share all these to her people? She spent a long time praying and when she read the Word, it was where Moses said he could not speak well, and all the excuses, but the Lord said He would enable Moses. She then said, whatever the Lord wanted her to do, she would …

Maybe some of the things that we would like to do, with your help, is the following :


We will work … to get a team of Bahasa Malaysia translators. We think the BEGIN book will be good, but would appreciate your help in recommending what to translate first. I will get ….(our church member) to look at the translation to Mandarin for the BEGIN book. From AIG site, there is only on DVD and one book sold in Mandarin/Chinese. If you do not have the book BEGIN book, I will order from AIG.


We would appreciate it if you could give us input how we can teach the children/ use materials -so that the children will be able to learn to trust God's Word as it is, and to prepare them to answer what they believe in.

Sometimes I am not too sure whether we actually need a Children's Church .... or should we be teaching the parents so that they can themselves teach their children?? And the children learn to sit with their parents and learn together?? Just my thoughts ....

Please continue to pray for the impact of the All-Asian Creation Conference.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,


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