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Recently, AiG speaker and researcher Dr. Georgia Purdom wrote a blog post that illustrates the impact one student can have on a Christian university campus because of the influence AiG resources had on this student. Dr. Purdom wrote the following:

Last week, I received a prayer request from a student at a theologically conservative Christian university. He stated the following:
Thank you for taking the time to read this request. I am a student at a Christian university. As part of the speech class, we are required to give a persuasive speech. With the speech we are required to conduct a poll relating to the speech we will be giving.

My persuasion is intended to be for accepting 6 literal [creation] days as portrayed in Genesis. When I conducted my poll, on campus, I received a startling 60% response to believing that the days of creation were not literal days but were rather long periods of time. I am scheduled to deliver this speech Thursday.

The New Answers Book 2 is one source I am citing for my speech, as well as The Genesis Record and Unraveling the Origins Controversy. Please pray that God would speak through me to persuade the students in the class to believe the Word as it is presented from the very beginning. Thank you for your prayers and your continued ministry.

It is sad but not shocking that even at this conservative Christian university, students doubt the accuracy of God’s Word. As our book Already Gone showed, most young people are questioning God’s Word in middle school and high school. They are not getting answers, and they are walking away from the church in their late teens and early 20s. Our kids are physically sitting in the pew but they are spiritually gone! I sent the prayer request to everyone here at AiG and we prayed for this young man.

A few days later he called me with a praise report. He said that his speech went very well, and when the students were polled after his speech, the large majority that had originally said they did not believe in a literal six-day creation were now convinced of a literal reading of the creation account in Genesis! It went so well that some of the students asked him why the school didn’t have him speak in chapel on this topic. Praise God for this young man who is not ashamed of the gospel of Christ (Romans 1:16).

Families and churches need to proactively and purposely teach children the truth of God’s Word from the very first verse so they can boldly proclaim it as they venture into the world—including that of the Christian university campus.

Keep fighting the good fight of the faith!

– Dr. Georgia Purdom

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