Robot Invasion at the Creation Museum

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Robots intrigue the imagination. They have filled science fiction stories for years. Robots possess certain human-like qualities. They can “sense” the world around them—and then react in various ways. As technologies advance, we ask the question "will they become human?"

This is actually a profoundly spiritual question.

A worldview that accepts evolution and billions of years leads to a conclusion that robots will make better humans than currently exist today. We just need to improve technology, evolutionists say. Make a better robot. However if your view is based upon the Bible, then what should be your view of robotics? Why has the Creator given us the ability to create robots? And what are we to do with robots?

It seemed like a robot invasion at the Creation Museum this week.  We hosted a team of college students who use robotics to help young people consider the role of robots in a biblical worldview. The Bob Jones University Science & Technology Ministry Team travel 3 months a year challenging young people to consider how amazing God's Creation is—and how they can use their interests and God-given abilities in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) to bring glory to God. While it has been common for Christian colleges, including BJU, to send teams around the country singing and doing dramas, BJU saw a real void in the areas of STEM. They wanted to let Christian young people know there was a place they could receive an education that will give them the ability to serve the Lord in the sciences. BJU's biblically based, liberal arts education, focuses on equipping students to defend the Christian faith in an increasingly secular culture which has bought into evolution and billions of years.

BJU wanted to do these workshops at Creation Museum because of its desire to be associated with Answers in Genesis and our stand on the importance of teaching the biblical view of a young earth—and showing folks the difference between true observational science, that gives us robots, and historic science. The BJU Team wants students to know that God loves science and has commanded His children to study his Creation (as part of taking dominion Genesis 1:26).

The robotics workshop makes an excellent way to promote the right view of science and the Bible and to let young people know BJU exists to provide excellent science, technology, engineering and math education that is honoring to the Scriptures—and honors God. For more information about BJU, visit If your school would like to schedule the Science & Technology Ministry Team, visit (by the way, BJU is one of the colleges listed at AiG special website

Here are just a few of the great comments this team has received from high school students around the country:

The experience was truly something none of us will ever forget. We all thought it was a fun and educating process. It opened all of our eyes to the amazement of how advanced technology really is, and gave us a new perspective of how great a Creator God really is.

When it was all over with, I felt very accomplished, but yet also developed a new respect for our Creator.The human body does so much more than a robot ever could and yet God created us & everything else in 6 days! How amazing is that?

Thank you so much for coming to visit our school. I learned a lot about not only robotics but how God created us to create other things. This was a great experience and I hope you will come back to our school very soon.

I thought it was going to be some geeky computer thing but it turned into something fun & interesting (and we played with legos!).

These museum guests were taught that robots, as with all technology, exist for the purpose of glorifying God and can point people to a relationship with him through Jesus Christ!

We hope to have the BJU robotics team as a regular feature at this world- class facility.

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