“Deaf Day” Is Monday at the Creation Museum: Reaching Out to the Hard of Hearing

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The Creation Museum’s annual outreach event to reach hard-of-hearing people begins Monday. We are thrilled that 35 signers for the deaf are coming in for the day to ensure that people with a hearing handicap can understand the teaching throughout the Creation Museum.

This very special event features ASL interpreters, deaf volunteers, and text-based captioning. Many of the Creation Museum’s videos are already open-captioned for all of our guests to enjoy. On Deaf Day, several presentations will provide text-based captioning. Other areas will feature ASL interpreters providing live interpretation of presentations such as The Last Adam.

Live presentations given by AiG speakers will also be interpreted, and volunteers will be available to assist with ticket sales, food ordering, and providing directions. Deaf volunteers are also available to assist deaf guests with questions about the museum. The Creation Museum events calendar lists the programs that will be offered and what forms of interpretation will be provided.

We hope many guests will come and enjoy the Deaf Day each year. We trust those Creation Museum guests who don’t have such a hearing condition will enjoy watching the expressive communication of American Sign Language during the shows and throughout the museum. It can be a real learning experience to be surrounded by people speaking the beautiful language of ASL!

Those who have volunteered to help on this special day will have an opportunity to tour the museum ahead of time and receive a discount in the Dragon Hall Bookstore!

Visit the Creation Museum website for more information about Deaf Day 2011.

More Communication Help at the Creation Museum

We are also thrilled to announce that we have updated the Cell Phone Audio Tour signs in the museum gardens and Petting Zoo. These signs contain a QR code so that guests with smartphones can access both the audio as well as text versions of the tour. Download a QR code reader and take a stroll through the gardens and zoo to test our new signs. For our hard-of-hearing guests, this will also be a great way to communicate information and add to their experience. This is only a small step of many future plans to add more interactive features.

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