Family Fridays This Month at the Creation Museum

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Now that school is back in session for most parts of America, it’s harder to sneak in some all-important family time. This month our Creation Museum will be offering the chance to recapture some of that time with what we call “Family Fridays”—starting next week. For three Fridays in September (9, 16, and 23) you can save $5 on each admission, along with special offers in the bookstore. Eat in Noah’s café, enjoy special family talks, and attend after-hours events.

You can continue your Friday museum experience and add Saturday admission for only $5 more per person. It’s like getting two days for the price of one.

See more details of Family Fridays on the Creation Museum blog.

Teaching Children the Truth in California

Here is a photograph I just love to see—Liseli Ramirez (wife of AiG staff member Andy Ramierz, who is our rep in California) teaching first and second grade at Community Christian School in Hemet, California. After being exposed to the ministry materials and conferences of Answers in Genesis, Liseli realized the vital importance of training up a child in the authority of God's Word right from the beginning. You will notice she is using the Answers in Genesis book Dinosaurs for Kids. We know these early years of cognitive development are foundational to how a child believes when he or she is older. By teaching true history, we know these children will have the confidence of defending the hope that resides in them—and they will also understand that because the history in the Bible beginning in Genesis is true, the gospel based in that history is also true.

Liseli is working hard to try to help stop the two-thirds of the next generation that are walking away from the church by the time they reach college age (see Already Gone for details regarding this exodus from the church in America).

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