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On Wednesday I shared a sad item in my daily blog about a young man who became an atheist even though he grew up in a household in which his father is well-known for writing and lecturing about intelligent design in our universe. Recently, we had an atheist visit our Creation Museum, and he had some surprisingly nice things to say about his tour and the museum’s content. We are happy to see him open to our message of presenting biblical history—and the gospel.

This atheist attended with a large group of people (mostly Christians) visiting from a nearby state. The group was hosted by a ministry friend who often brings groups to the museum—one group had 92 people in it! This museum booster told us, “Some friends recently took a group to the Creation Museum using our guest passes; the group leader told me in advance that one man they had invited to go with them is an outspoken atheist in their town, but that they had been talking to him over recent months and years. He did go with them and here is the account he wrote.”

The Creation Museum is spectacular! The main building is a sight to behold from the outside.

We went in and first went to a theatre [Stargazer’s Planetarium] where you lay your chair back and watch a show on the concave ceiling. It tells about the size and magnificence of our solar system. The main point was to show just how small our world really is. I heard rumors that a few folks dozed off, but I never witnessed any of it. lol. . . .

It was a fantastic show.

Next, we went to another theatre that has three screens that discussed the big question of “Does God really exists?” Very well done. The guy, who I thought was an usher, told us to expect some surprises. I thought to myself, “What can a screen do?”

When a thunderstorm took off on the screen, and the chairs shook, a wind blew on us, and we all got a mist of water in our faces, I learned what he meant! If you go, this show alone will make it worth the drive.

We then went on the walking tour. Very well done! It was very artistic and well organized, and it was very thought provoking.

I was puzzled to learn that they think God created everything only 6,000 or so years ago. I have always been told it was millions of years ago. Their point was that we haven’t evolved from anything. We are how God made us.

They dispute carbon dating. They demonstrate how erosion, like the Grand Canyon, can happen in hundreds or thousands of years instead of millions of years. And they did so very convincingly, in my opinion.

Then, we went outside. They have a beautiful garden around a small lake with paths. . . . They have great landscaping and a huge variety of plants to see. They have a suspended bridge that I didn’t try. But they have a floating bridge that I hated but felt was fun so I used it both ways.

There is a small petting zoo in the back. And petting doesn’t really describe it well. These animals came up to us wanting to be petted! (The little feed machines may have had something to do with it; the animals know what they are for.)

We need to pray this atheist has a heart change. We don’t know the extent to which this has perhaps occurred in his life as a result of the museum visit. But, as he went through the Creation Museum, he heard and read the Word of God. He heard a clear presentation of the gospel. And remember, "So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17).

You too can obtain guest passes (we call them witnessing passes) you can use over and over again to bring people to the Creation Museum to impact their lives—and thus their eternity.

To consider getting a five-year or lifetime museum membership that include guest passes (which can be used in evangelistic ways), go to

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