Prominent Pastor Endorses Already Compromised

by Ken Ham on August 29, 2011

Our book Already Compromised, detailing research America’s Research Group conducted in assessing the state of Christian colleges, has certainly received a lot of attention.

I have done many interviews on Christian radio about this publication. We have also had thousands of people view our web list of colleges where presidents have put in writing they agree with AiG’s statement of faith. Here is that special website.

We have also read many very positive reviews. We are thrilled to now share an endorsement by the well-known California pastor, Dr. John MacArthur. See the following endorsement he forwarded to us:

I have no doubt that the average church member would be shocked and outraged to discover how many supposedly evangelical colleges and universities have more or less given up their commitment to biblical inerrancy and the authority of Scripture—especially when dealing with the early chapters of Genesis.

I’m grateful for this important work by Ken Ham and Greg Hall, documenting the many compromises that have ravaged the Christian academy.

Already Compromised is a much needed wake-up call and a summons to arms for faithful, courageous Bible believers. We need to stand up, declare our faith, and defend the truth of Scripture courageously. The stakes are high and the battle may be more fierce than ever, but God will bless those who honor His Word. May He bless us with clear, unwavering voices.

–  Dr. John MacArthur

Equipping the Next Generation

I praise the Lord for the opportunities He entrusts to us to equip the next generation with the creation and gospel message. During the month of August, Buddy Davis and I have been presenting special programs for children and young people at the Creation Museum. We continue doing that today as we give two such programs. The following are some photographs taken of Buddy and me as we make these presentations in our new auditorium at the Creation Museum—Legacy Hall:

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