Already Compromised—The Reviews Are Coming In

by Ken Ham on May 27, 2011

Already Compromised

We are now seeing a number of reviews on our book Already Compromised. And so far, I have received so many overwhelming positive reviews of the book. Below are some excerpts from such reviews:
The most striking result of their survey was the “newspeak” employed by faculty and administration. Two examples: First, many affirmed that the Bible is literally true—yet, when asked a more precise question, also affirmed that Genesis 1’s account of a six-day creation was not literally true. Second, many affirmed that Noah’s Flood was worldwide—but admitted upon further questioning that, by “worldwide,” they only meant the region of the world known in Noah’s Day.
This reviewer gave us a four star (out of five) rating! That’s good. The reviewer would have liked us to go further regarding the “Christian school model’’ etc.  However, we deliberately didn’t do that because we recognize that for many parents, they have no idea of the compromise in Christian colleges and many are woefully ignorant of the damage being done to students in many cases.  We felt we had to bring people along step by step—if we did too much at one time, then we were concerned many parents would not necessarily listen.  Anyhow, we are thrilled with the reviews like this one that encourage Christian parents to read the book and take serious note.

I encourage you to read the entire review.

Another review stated the following:

As crazy as this sounds, 77.8% of the Religion departments of the  Christian colleges and universities polled considered themselves Old  Earth Creationists (with only 14.8% calling themselves Young Earth  Creationists) compared to only 34.9% of the Science departments (who  weighed in at 57.1% Young Earth). It appears that theologians have  abdicated the battle for the mind and now defer authority to the  expertise of secular scientists who are, by and large, opposed to God,  supernatural agency and supernatural revelation; on the other hand,  Christian scientists have been forced to evaluate the limits of science, the meaning of naturalism and the effect of evolution and millions of  years on the Bible.

I’ve been seeing this for a while.

One of the other things of note that this book uncovers is a  difference in perception between college presidents [who must market and  fund-raise for their schools] and vice-presidents [who deal with  inter-departmental issues]. Presidents tend to have a rosier view of the situation than the fellow just below them in the trenches. This is  nothing more than a lack of intercommunication [and honest  introspection] that Christian colleges must address.

You can read the full review at this link.

And then this reviewer stated the following:

One of the things that was uncovered in this study and helpful to understand is that people don’t always say what they mean. So a good level of discernment needs to be exercised in actually understanding what a person means when they say something in particular. Ham uses the example of “conservative evangelical” to demonstrate that we don’t even know what this means anymore. Postmodernism and the rejection of absolute truth has fueled a culture of what Ham identifies as “newspeak.” Some of the questions were fashioned in a way that they should show similar results. For example, they asked “Do you believe in the flood of Noah’s day?” 84% of those in religion departments (theology, Bible) said yes. When asked if they believed the flood was worldwide, local, or nonliteral, 12.3% said nonliteral. One would have expected this percentage to match the 16% that didn’t believe there was a flood. So do people really even know what they think they know?

There is so much more in this book! I would highly recommend picking up this book and diving in. Ken Ham and the folks at AIG have done a tremendous service to the church in pulling this data together. Part of what they are doing with this study is launching a new website that has a list of creation colleges. You can also find the schools that were a part of this study ... You can find it by clicking over to

Here is the entire review.

Another reviewer wrote the following:

"Just because it is said to be 'Christian' does not mean it will teach a Christian worldview as it should." Learning to have a Christian worldview begins at home in the family, and within a church environment with like minded believers. There are colleges out there with a Christian worldview, but many have fallen prey to the Humanistic mindset and have given in to the ease of 'fitting in'.

Being armed with the truth of God's word, prayer and a biblical worldview is a must when setting out to find a college that is write for you.

Fantastic book, well worth the wait, and an answer to prayer for newbie parent on the college front.

You can read this review at this link.

There are many other reviews, but this is to give you just a sample of what is being said about this new book.

Radio Interview on Already Compromised

I have now been interviewed many times on Christian radio programs about the book Already Compromised. Here is a link to a 30-minute interview that was quite a dynamic program.

You can find out more about Already Compromised and how to order it on the AiG online store.

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