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In a recent survey conducted by America’s Research Group, AiG and ARG looked into why two thirds of our youth will leave conservative, evangelical churches when they reach college age. It was discovered that unanswered questions greatly contributed to faith-shattering doubt in the Bible. The book Already Gone (now a best-seller) explains these eye-opening results and provides practical solutions for church leaders to know how to reach their youth with the truths of the Bible. One of the major problems is that most churches are not teaching creation and general Christian apologetics.

Answers in Genesis is a leading apologetics organization helping to equip the church to be able to defend the Christian faith in today’s world, and thus be more effective in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. I urge churches to prayerfully consider hosting an Answers in Genesis conference so that your people—especially your youth, but in fact, the entire church—can be equipped to defend the Christian faith against the increasing secular attacks of our day.

AiG’s Bible-affirming conferences have been designed to assist you and your church in carrying out the Great Commission. AiG speakers, with God-given communicative skills, are highly qualified to speak on a range of biblical and scientific topics—all associated with relating Genesis to biblical authority, the gospel, and the Christian worldview. Some of the more popular topics discussed are the following:

  • Why is our Western world declining from a Christian perspective?
  • What is the Bible’s answer to the origin of “races” and what’s the solution to racism?
  • Where did Cain get his wife?
  • How do dinosaurs “fit” into biblical history? Were they on the Ark?
  • Do dating methods prove the earth is old?
  • Can Christians believe in millions of years?
  • How can there be a loving God in this world of death and suffering?
  • How can Christians evangelize a secularized culture?
  • Was there really a global Flood? How did Noah fit the animals on the Ark?
You can request an AiG conference.

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