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Today is the debut of a new Creation Museum TV commercial. It will air nationwide in the U.S. on the Fox News Channel. We’ve had a few TV spots air on Fox, but this one is different and somewhat “edgy.” Viewers will get a glimpse of some of the negative press coverage the Creation Museum has received, and then I come on camera and end with a few comments, including the words: “Think for yourself.”

These spots will air nationally on the number one rated news network on U.S. television and on the following shows (times are Eastern time zone):

  • 7:55 AM—Fox & Friends
  • 10:35 AM—America’s Newsroom
  • 9:25 AM—America’s Newsroom
  • 12:25 PM—Happening Now
  • 3:55 PM—Studio B
Note: Times are subject to change, especially if news breaks.

This TV spot is a collaboration between the Creation Museum and Answers in Genesis along with Mark Tilghman, a founding partner of Joseph David Advertising. We will be utilizing the number one rated cable news network, Fox News, plus there will be digital efforts to include blogs and social media that will allow individuals to be a part of the conversation about meaningful issues like creation vs. evolution.

Yes, in a culture in which public schools, science museums, and much of the media present an anti-biblical, pro-evolution viewpoint to the exclusion of biblical creation, we want people—as the TV spot shares—to “think for themselves” on an important topic like this one. A visit to the Creation Museum affords its visitors the opportunity to be exposed to a viewpoint that has been largely expelled from society.

With these TV ads over the next days, we’re placed in a good window—during the final days leading up to Easter.  These spots will continue next week at a similar schedule as above.

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