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While I was in Johnson City in Tennessee for a conference, back at the Creation Museum one of our FOTO FX photographers, Deb Minnard, had an opportunity to speak with a man from Germany who visited the Creation Museum yesterday. Deb sent me this report:

I just interviewed a very nice young man from Germany.  He read about the Creation Museum in a German publication and decided to come to the US for the main purpose of visiting us. Today was his second day at the museum.  He said this is his fourth visit to the US. His former visits were to visit his favorite uncle and tour the country.

He said he is amazed at the “liveliness” of the museum. He compared it against the churches in Germany that are irrelevant to people’s lives. He’s very impressed with the museum, saying that people come here with their families, eat, read, listen, and enjoy being here.  It’s nothing like any museum he’s seen.

He would love to meet you. He’s planning to come back to the meet and greet on Feb. 24th, just before going home . . . He gave me his email and would love to hear from you if you have a chance.

Overflow Crowd for First “Origins Conference” Event in Johnson City

Lots of children with their parents came last evening—here are three excited kids from one family

The auditorium

Another shot of a section of the auditorium

People crowded around the resource tables

As well as people in the overflow room, there was a group of people who received a simultaneous Spanish translation.

The conference continues today and tomorrow—with other speakers coming in this week (e.g., Dr. Henry Morris III from ICR). You can find out more about the conference on the AiG event page.

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