Scientist Active in UK Creation Outreach

by Ken Ham

On yesterday’s blog post, I recently wrote about a scientist in the United Kingdom who won a prestigious award for scientific research.

Dr. Andy McIntosh, who is a professor at Leeds University in England, is an ardent creationist, and speaks for AiG in the UK and USA—and other parts of the world. Dr. McIntosh also speaks across the globe as part of his own personal ministry.

I have known Andy for many years, and appreciate his love for the Lord and his active creation apologetics ministry. So that you can pray for him and also see what an award-winning creation scientist is doing to get out the truth about God’s Word in Genesis to people in the UK and other parts of the world, I have included excerpts from Dr. Mcintosh’s latest ministry report for you:

ACM Creation Update December 2010

To you all – thank you so much for your prayers this last quarter. It has been as busy as ever as it seems more and more churches are seeing the importance of coming to grips with the important issue of Creation and its foundational place in Gospel work.

However so is the opposition within some branches of the evangelical church to take this matter seriously. This is such an important battle since true revival of Biblical Christianity has always been associated with a belief in the inerrancy of Scripture. It is the Lord’s sovereign will which brings revival, but it is the responsibility of His people to believe the Book that He has wonderfully given us. Please continue to pray against the rising flood of theistic evolutionary teaching which is continuing to try and undermine the influence of Biblical thinking.

Since he has gone so very public against us, I have no reserve in warning all the danger of the book ‘Creation or Evolution – do you have to choose?’ by Denis Alexander and to encourage you to read the book a number of us have put together ‘Should Christians embrace evolution?’ (Ed. Norman Nevin IVP) which answers such theistic evolutionary thinking. Only a robust defence of Creation-based thinking theologically and scientifically can resist the error of theistic evolution perpetrated by Denis Alexander and associates, and many others today. Only by understanding the theological origin of evil arising due to the Fall of Man (death after the Fall of our progenitor Adam) can one really understand the full impact of the Cross and Redemption. Evolutionary teaching undermines the Gospel. Huxley knew this very well years ago when he championed Darwin’s ideas and wrote (‘Lights of the Church and the light of Science’, 1890) of the connection of Creation and the Fall with the Gospel of Redemption that he hated.

The Church has given way and lost its way both theologically and scientifically by succumbing to the lie of Evolution.

A brief report of the meetings recently taken:

Creation Matters North West - 15th – 17th October

It was a joy to stay with Andrew and Linda Rowell in Carlisle. Andrew is the pastor of Grace Evangelical Church in Carlisle and also runs the Creation Matters NW Creation group – I spoke at Carlisle and on Friday 15th on ‘Creation – what is the issue?’ and on the Saturday 16th at Emmanuel Church Workington on “Creation or Evolution – looking at the evidence”. There was a good thirst for the books as well as listening to the talks. . . . I continued there on the Sunday 17th preaching in the morning and at Carlisle again at night.

Farnham and Winchester 30th – 31st October

Two great opportunities at the end of October. Our friends for many years Gerard and Philippa Chrispin on Sat 30th October put on a ‘Men’s Breakfast’ (is that allowed in these politically correct days?) – it worked and many folk came in who would not usually hear the Gospel. Gerard interviewed me in his own inimical style and we moved from Creation to the Cross and serious conversations followed with unbelievers. Gerard and Philippa are involved in Prison ministry with Christian Prison Resources (CPR) and go tirelessly (it seems to me...) to many prisons sharing the Gospel all over the country – do pray for their work – see

Then in the evening of Sat 30th October I did a meeting in the Guildhall, Winchester put on by Richard Turner (pastor of Hyde Street Chapel) on ‘Fossils, Dinosaurs and the Word of God’, Winchester Conference Chamber. This was a superb site with all the books at the front of the meeting and many enquiries afterwards. I am full of admiration when small fellowships reach out in this way. We stayed with Richard and Fiona that night and I preached at Hyde Street Chapel the next morning.

Chesterfield, Derbyshire 12th November and Nottingham University Christian Union 19th November

On Friday Fri 12th November David Boyden (who kindly produces the DVDs for me – and others) had me speak to their fellowship at the Holmewood Community Centre, and I spoke on “Design Information and Thermodynamics”, and “Fossils Dinosaur Bones and the Bible”. Then on Fri 19th November at Nottingham University I did a Christian Union lunchtime meeting repeated twice for two seatings) on “Has Science buried God?” After the second meeting in particular there were intense conversations going on – one with a Christian who has got caught up with thinking which said that Genesis was not historical, and when asked whether Christ’s teaching in Matt 19 and Paul’s statements in Rom 5 and 1 Corinthians 15 (all founded on Genesis) were consistent with this, said that both Genesis as symbolic and the NT teachings could both be true – “because you (ACM) are a scientist, you see things in this way ... .” It was sad – this person was not accepting that Truth revealed must stand in every age and is not dependent on who proclaims it.

Another person who came was the leader of the secular society and yet wide open to consider the Gospel – He came from a Christian background and in his case (unusually) did not have so much a problem with Creation, but more with the reliability of the New Testament - so I presented arguments to him concerning the Resurrection of Christ being well attested and recommended Josh McDowell’s “Evidence that demands a verdict”. These evangelistic meetings run by Christian Unions are well worthwhile – I recommend them to any students thinking of ways to reach out to fellow students in evangelism.

Sunday Morning Live BBC1 Sun 21st November

I reported on my brief appearance on Sunday Morning Live on Sun 21st November – there was little time to say a lot. I was given about two minutes via web cam and was able to make some points about the intricate mechanisms in nature (feather - ATP motor in the cell and information in DNA). A biosciences lecturer Jeremy Pritchard from Birmingham University alleged that the design argument had been disproved by the philosopher David Hume, and did not even attempt to address the science issues, and then time ran out. But another Creation speaker in the studio had a greater opportunity.

Kirklees-Yorkshire Creation Group Mon 29th November

On Mon 29th November the Kirklees-Yorkshire Creation Group ran a meeting “Creation – looking at the evidence” tunately in Cleckheaton near Leeds – and though it was the beginning of the snow here, there was good attendance and interest.

Baldock Baptist Church Fri 3rd - Sun 5th December

Fortunately by Fri 3rd Dec the roads had cleared of snow and we managed to get to Baldock and do a meeting on the “Creation--what’s the issue?” followed by next day on Sat 4th a Breakfast meeting which again proved to be a very good opportunity to speak to people who would never normally come to a Christian meeting. Then in the evening I spoke on “Design, Intelligence and the Word of God” and preached at Baldock Baptist on the Sunday morning. . . . Creation evangelism is a valuable means of reaching people who would rarely come to other events.

Both Juliet and I thank you for standing with us in this ministry which is often spoken against but is so connected to the Biblical Gospel. We covet the fervent prayers of God’s people. Ps 127:1 “Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain”

A good Christmas to you all – may we remember in this increasingly dark nation of Britain, that light only comes through worshipping Christ who is the true Light of the World. May His light be shed abroad in our hearts in exactly the same way as the light was shed abroad on the first day of Creation - 2 Cor 4:6 "For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ." Christ is the key to Creation, Redemption and the purpose behind all.

Andy McIntosh-December 2010

Future Ministry with Dr. McIntosh

Jan 15th Answers in Genesis Leicester ‘Winter Mini Conference’ at Life Church (Wigston), Frederick Street, Wigston, Leicestershire LE18 1PJ (contact AiG Leicester 0116 270 8400) 2.45pm - 8pm - 2 talks from Paul Taylor and ACM 2 talks "Creation – connecting the Gospel back to a postmodern society" and "Creation - what's the evidence?" + question time session.

Sun Jan 23rd St Barnabas Church, Darwen, Lancs, 1030 "Creation- what's the issue?" Contact Rev. Les Collinson

Tues 1st – Sun 6th February – San Francisco and San Diego, USA

Tues 1st February Cornerstone Seminary, Vajjejo, California, USA (East of San Francisco). Meeting with students in the Seminary “Enoch, the seventh from Adam - Creation and taking the Bible seriously”. Contact Mike Canham

Weds 2nd Feb 12.30pm – 1.15pm Cornerstone Seminary, Vallejo, California, Chapel Hour. “Creation – what’s the issue?”

Fri 4th Feb - Sat 5th Feb SAACF - South Asian American Christian Fellowship, San Diego, USA Contact John Johnny

Fri 4th Feb 7pm “Creation – what’s the issue?”

Sat 5th February morning seminar “The Intricacies of Flight” and “Fossils, Dinosaur Bones and the Bible

Sat 5th February 7pm Public Seminar in Qualcomm Building, San Diego

“Design, Information and Thermodynamics”

Sun 6th Feb San Diego, USA :

Sunday School 9am and Morning Service 11am Escondido Reformed Baptist Church, 2210 E Vista Way, Vista, CA with Pastor Jim Renihan

Afternoon Interns meeting 4pm and Evening service 6.30pm Grace Bible Church, Escondido, with Mike Kelley,

Sat 5th - Sun 6th March – Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Sat March 5th Worcester, Massachusetts, USA Creation Seminar meeting aimed at MIT and Harvard students in the area West of Boston, MA. - contact Pastor Mike Renihan

Sunday March 6th at Worcester Reformed Baptist Church

Sat March 12th Prepared to Answer (Answers in Genesis) Essex Conference

09.00am-6.30pm Emmanuel Church of England, Chadwell St Mary, Essex,

Paul Taylor, ACM, Rev. Nic Deane.

ACM will speak on Evidences for Design - contact AiG Leicester 0116 270 8400

Thurs 7th - Tues 19th April Creation Ministry in Japan

Meetings organised by Michiko Mizumura . . . and will involve visits to Sendai, Hiroshima, Kyushu and Tokyo and other locations – Tokyo University and possibly Tokyo Christian Seminary

Isn’t it thrilling to know there are people like Andy who are active in such ministry in the very pagan UK!

Pray for Andy and his ministry.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,


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