The Talented Crew

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I thought you would all like to see a photograph of the AiG/Creation Museum staff taken recently as our work day began. (Most of the museum staff, though, are not in the photo because they work different shifts; e.g., many arrive later in the morning, others work on the weekends, etc., and so it’s impossible to find a time when all staff are on-site at the same time).  How we praise the Lord for the talented crew He has brought together. They are so dedicated—so passionate for this ministry.  And they are so sacrificial with their time.

Please pray for them on a regular basis.

One Day to Go

Tomorrow through Wednesday, our front page web article will challenge you regarding your thinking about the role of the church.  Do you have a full biblical understanding of the church? Does your view of it prohibit people from being equipped to defend and grow in their faith?

In a series of what will be three articles entitled “Fallacies of the Modern Church: Barriers to equipping the saints,” my brother Steve and I will be challenging people’s thinking on the modern church and asking a couple of very important questions: Do we think biblically about the modern church? And does our thinking enhance or reduce the edification of the body?

Part one of this three part series begins tomorrow on the website.

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