Misrepresentations of the “House of God”

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My brother Steve and I have prepared a three-part web series on “Fallacies of the Modern Church: Barriers to equipping the saints.” The ministry of Answers in Genesis is devoted to two big visions:

  1. Calling the church to reclaim the foundations of our faith that are found in the Bible from the very first verse.
  2. Equipping the church with answers to the attacks of our time using the authority of the Word of God.
Often we find that even though many churches and pastors desire to lead a church that stands upon the authority of God’s Word, modern views of the church body, church buildings, and gatherings have actually become a barrier to equipping congregations in biblical authority.

This is a time when the secular culture is relentlessly saturating our televisions, schools, colleges, movies, and all other sorts of media with humanist indoctrination. And our churches are losing their best opportunities to equip families for this anti-biblical onslaught, as they are by and large not making the most of the little time they have in our Sunday gatherings.

In fact, our views of church buildings, gatherings, and even the terminologies and language we use have distorted understandings of our biblical responsibilities to equip saints to uphold biblical authority.

In an attempt to make sure the “House of God” is holy, many Christians have misrepresented what the House of God truly is and have placed a roadblock in front of the need for equipping the saints.

Please take the time over the next three days to read through this very important series and think about how you can reclaim a biblical understanding of the modern church.  Oh, and while you do this, why not check out a copy of our book In God We Trust.  The book has a couple of very important chapters to read on this very issue.

Go to part one on the AiG website.

Birthday Boy

I met a young boy (seen in the red-striped shirt in the photo) at the Creation Museum last week who wanted to come to the museum for his birthday! It is thrilling to hear of children who so want to learn the truths of God’s Word.

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