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At the Creation Museum a couple of years ago, some of our staff asked if they could use our live nativity Christmas program (called Christmas Town) to challenge many long-held but incorrect views about the nativity. I was thrilled we could do this. All Christians need to be challenged (like the Bereans in Acts 17) to see if what they believe is in accord with Scripture. Many people have been shocked to learn that many ideas they hold about the nativity (and the events surrounding it) do not line up with Scripture. (By the way, I urge you to bring your family and friends to our Christmas Town event that begins soon—you can find out more from the Creation Museum website).

This past week, I addressed the AiG staff about another area where Christians can hold ideas that do not line up with Scripture. Many of our ideas (and some of the terminology we use) about the church are not correct. In fact, we have found that many Christians (including many pastors) have an Old Testament “Temple view” instead of a New Testament view of the church. This actually is hindering the church in equipping people. God’s people need to be challenged in this crucial area.

On Monday through to Wednesday this coming week, we will be bringing a three-part web series on “Fallacies of the Modern Church: Barriers to equipping the saints.” This series will challenge many people as to how they view the church, and how this relates to our desire to be thoroughly equipped with biblical answers to meet the skepticism of our time. If you are concerned about the secular indoctrination that is taking place in our nation and how it has infiltrated churches and families, this series is for you.

So get ready to see aspects of the church in a biblical light and become passionate about equipping the saints. And be prepared to be challenged. We often don’t like to give up old ideas—but we must judge what we believe against Scripture. Look for this series on this week.

Fun-loving Staff

The guest services team at the Creation Museum is a talented and varied group. All are dedicated in their service to the guests and are creative in their work. A sense of humor is a valuable tool for them. Brian Halpin is one of the seasoned veterans and leads our group in (what a museum staff member stated as) “the joyful spirit department.” Recently our petting zoo’s camel (Gomer) who gives rides at the petting zoo was not feeling well and took a little break. Brian, always ready with a joke, said if Gomer couldn’t give folks a ride, then he would. Well, that lead to some creativity among a few other staff and an idea was born. The signage shown on display stands around the museum became a good place for a little fun on Brian. The sign that normally is displayed to advertise camel rides was altered to show Brian’s head in place of the camel’s. Of course it was taken down before guests arrived, but Brian and the guest service people had a good laugh.

Substitute Camel Ride

As we work together, we bond as extended family—praying, worshiping, and growing together. Just like families, we have fun together, too. The next time you drop by the museum, do say hello to Brian and rib him about giving a camel ride.

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