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Attorney Tony Biller (and AiG board member) has written a very interesting article on “Love and Evolution.” It begins as follows:

We do not find comfort in—nor do we long for—struggle. Our humane spirit finds no joy in imposing death on others or in the killing of life simply for the pleasure of asserting our superiority. While nature is red in tooth and claw, death and violence affect us negatively. If struggle is the fuel of the evolutionary engine, and evolution is our mother and creator, we should find some form of comfort in the struggle. Indeed, according to evolutionary theory, we are the result and pinnacle of millions of years of struggle and death carving out and forming life.
Further on in the article he writes:
The God of the Bible is love. God is love. Did love create us, or are we the byproduct of struggle and death? Of course, scripture speaks clearly on this.  So too does our nature. Our hearts and souls long and fight for love. Unless we’ve been tragically broken, we find no solace in death or in pain or brutality.  Instead of being at peace with the alleged engines of evolution, our hearts and souls revolt and protest against death and struggle. We find our strongest motivations and comfort in love, which is close to an antecedent of the supposed creative forces of evolution. Perhaps the single greatest force in an individual’s life, outside forces of nature, is the power of love.
Later Tony states:
Indeed, as scripture teaches, love is a stronger force than death. In the body of Christ, love literally overcame the grave. Even in our common existence, we see evidence of love being a more compelling force than death. There is hardly a decent parent that would not immediately forfeit his or her life for their children. Every day, our service members give up their lives for each other and for their country. Firemen and police officers routinely put themselves in harm’s way so that others may be safe, many regularly forfeiting their lives for others. This is mankind made in the image of God, an image of mankind that all decent humans hold dear to their hearts and celebrate. Such a selfless, sacrificing person and ethos, this imago dei, is antithetical to the theoretical man of evolution.
He ends the article by stating the following:
Love is the purest form of living. Love provides foundation and motivation to live. Love never fails and never ends. Love is eternal. We know love is not supposed to be temporary, corrupted, interrupted or conditional. Our soul was made to love and be loved. It was made for fellowship with the eternal God, who is perfect love. The soul aches in this fallen world under the curse, where love is betrayed and death interrupts, too often and without warning. Love made us for a better day, and not blind, violent forces of nature. Love created us.  Love also offers to save and perfect us if we will let Him.
The above are just some excerpts. I would encourage you to read the entire article:

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