Direct Answers: AiG DVD and Changed Lives

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Rick Faison is the president of the Philadelphia Society for Creation Science in Pennsylvania. He and his wife, Vicki, visited our Creation Museum last month. He wrote us later with a wonderful account of how AiG DVDs are being such a blessing to the young people he reaches out to in his area.

I spoke with two high school seniors who attended our College and Career seminar (I did the apologetics portion). Both profess a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ .. .what impressed them the most about AiG’s “Men in White” DVD was how straightforward it was in addressing the hostile classroom situations that they themselves have faced --and that there were direct answers to evolution’s claims about millions and billions of years of time for the earth and cosmos. They especially liked the way [the angels]  Gabe and Mike engaged them, not pounding them with truth but simply presenting them with how to assess the world from the Bible. The students’ names were Tyrone and Dawn.

The children from the Christian Day School (Destiny Learning Academy K-6) were enthusiastic about how the film told them how God really created the world, how T. rex bones busted up the idea that dinos died 65 million years ago, how the ocean should have too much salt in it if it were millions of years old, and they liked how cool Gabe and Mike were in talking about the Lord as Creator and loving Redeemer.

All four children that I talked to at the end of the assembly week had just gotten saved this past week, and all said they were moved by the “Men in White” film to ask Jesus to save them after I gave the invitation They realized that He (the Lord) made them and the world, and they wanted Jesus to save them from their sins.

All told about 35 children received Christ as their personal Savior during the week. Besides using “Men in White” and the “God of Wonders” DVDs from AiG, I finished up with “Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution. part II.” I gave them a quiz with prizes from AiG, and they were all over the answers.

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Rev. Rick Faison

Go to to find out more about his creation evangelism outreach.

And find out more about the excellent DVD “Men in White” shown inside our Creation Museum at,6540,229.aspx

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