The Faithfulness of AiG Inspires Us

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We praise the Lord for increasing numbers of pastors who are being influenced by AiG and the Creation Museum.

Please praise the Lord with us as you read this correspondence I received last week:

The Evangelical Church Alliance International held our 2010 International Conference in Ft. Mitchell, KY this year with the goal of promoting the Creation Museum to our pastors and their families. From the very moment I contacted the museum, to plan our conference, your staff was helpful, friendly and professional. Every staff member I talked with went out of their way to accommodate our group.

Your staff arranged for our directors to have “dinner with the Dinos” in the lobby of the museum on Monday evening and it was a wonderful experience. Many of our board members shared with me that this was an event they and their families will never forget.

Also, Dr. David Menton spoke at our conference and made a presentation on the miracles of conception and birth. Dr. Menton presented the material in an understandable way and we were blessed with his kindness and warm sense of humor. He attended our fellowship time, after his presentation, and very graciously answered questions and took time to encourage those who talked with him.

We deeply appreciate the Creation Museum, the staff and Answers in Genesis and feel that God has raised you up for such a time as this. The Evangelical Church Alliance was founded in 1887 and the board immediately took a stand on young earth creation, as presented in the book of Genesis. We have stood our ground for over 123 years and I believe future ECA leaders will do the same. In this regard, the faithfulness of AIG not only encourages us but inspires us knowing that others share our faith.

God bless you Ken. I know your father would be deeply pleased with the way you have built on the foundation he laid, and I trust that the Lord will keep you in the center of His wonderful love as he pours out His grace on your life and ministry.

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