Changed My Life Completely

by Ken Ham on August 21, 2010

As I begin a series of four presentations today at the Billy Graham Training Center in North Carolina (a facility called “The Cove”), I was reminded in a letter of how life-changing this ministry that the Lord has called us to really is. Please read this and be encouraged also:

I just wanted to take a moment to encourage you with how much your organization has impacted me.

I became familiar with Answers in Genesis when my church decided to study the [the AiG DVD] series. I was eleven at the time, and had doubts about the faith my parents had taught me. Something drew me to your series, though, and the truth of the Scriptures completely impacted me. Then as a college student, I had to take biology as well as geology. The Lord was faithful to me. I had forgotten what was taught to me when I was eleven, but as I began to struggle with what I believed, I remembered your teaching and began to read Genesis again. Not only did it reassure me, but I also started telling others around me that the earth was created in six literal days, and that God is the Creator of all things. Some of the other students even became creationists by the end of the semester and started questioning the material being taught!

Although it was a while ago, your lectures are still remembered. My goal now as I again pursue higher education is to continue to challenge the worldly teaching with the Scriptures.

Thank you for listening to the Lord, and what He was calling you to pursue in your life. I will not be another college student that leaves the faith I was raised in, for I have my foundation built on the Word of God. You made me aware of how important that is, and it changed my life completely. Now, I want to continue to tell others that all of life’s questions can be answered and explained. You made a difference.

–M.W., CA

Leaving a Legacy of Scriptural Authority

This is the title of an article written about my presentations to be given this weekend at the Billy Graham Training Center. The article by Joy Allmond began:
August 10, 2010 - Ken Ham will be at the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove August 20-21 leading a seminar titled Hope for a Skeptical World: Genesis and the Power of the Gospel. Read more to find out why he is passionate about equipping believers with the Truth, and what he wants the seminar attendees to do once they leave the grounds.
“We’ve got to get to the next generation, to help them believe God’s Word.” –Ken Ham [caption]
As a biology teacher in an Australian public school more than 30 years ago, Ken Ham’s Christianity was widely known by his students. “When I was teaching one of the science lessons, a student asked me how I can be a Christian since ‘the Bible isn’t true’. I asked him why he thought the Bible isn’t true, and he told me that it contradicts what the science books teach.”

At that point, Ham began developing talks that teach students the difference between knowledge based on observation and “knowledge” about the past when we weren’t present. “I wanted to teach them how to think instead of what to think. Then I started speaking in local churches. I found that a lot of people in the church had questions about Genesis and evolution, and had real dilemmas when it came to answering their children’s questions about the topic,” said Ham.

In 1987, Ham and his wife moved to the Unites States as missionaries. Answers in Genesis was started 17 years ago. Three years ago, this ministry reached the goal of building creation museum.

You can read the rest of the article at:

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