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I have always said that AiG is unashamedly an evangelistic ministry that does not want to just see people converted to be creationists, but we want people truly converted to be born again Christians! That's something we tell the secular media when they interview us.

What a thrill it was to have 16-year-old Juliana come up to me at our Defending the Faith conference in Tennessee this week and tell me that two weeks ago, she read the AiG book Already Gone.  Before the reading the book she thought she was a Christian, but after reading Already Gone, she realized she was not.  So she asked her parents to pray with her as she truly committed her life to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Here is a photograph Juliana graciously allowed  me to take at Defending the Faith to use on this blog—to make her salvation commitment public:

Another Salvation Testimony Received Today

Here is another great testimony I received by email today:
When I was in junior high-school our teacher taught us evolution as fact. We were all lined up side by side in our desks, each with the same hardcover book with glossy pages, paid for by the U.S. government we were told we could trust to tell us the truth.

We were indoctrinated into believing whatever the evolution teacher told us was gospel truth, they were the educators, they were the ones we were trained to expect had answers. So when our teacher told us life originated by a single cell coming to life on its own, and that it had then evolved into all the life on this earth, time seemed to stop for me. I immediately realized that this meant science had disproved the Bible. Life and death had no meaning, everything was merely the result of natural physical processes. I lost my [trust] in Jesus Christ.

I was an Atheist for ten years, but by the grace of God I was given Answers in Genesis videos after that decade of darkness. As I watched Ken Ham give Biblical answers to evolution, I realized how the Atheist/public education system in America had brainwashed me.

I adamantly bought and read books and magazines from AiG, and especially enjoyed the DVD lectures. I am now a passionate Christian in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and I can't wait to thank Ken Ham and the rest of the Answers in Genesis staff for all they've done to help make my relationship with Jesus happen.

God bless your Biblical work for the Lord Jesus!

– J.B.

Photographs from Day Three of the Defending the Faith Conference

Carl Kerby speaks to the youth.

Speaking with a conference attendee.

An archaeologist from the Associates for Biblical Research—Henry Smith—presents fascinating evidence that verifies the Bible.

John Elliot and his four daughters lead the audience in singing hymns of worship and praise.

Bill Jack from Worldview Academy kicks off day three in the main auditorium.


He fed them . . . and guided them

(Psalm 78:72)  So he fed them according to the integrity of his heart; and guided them by the skillfulness of his hands.

It is not because we are good or do good that He cares for us and guides, but because the Lord Jesus Christ keeps His promise to save those who call on His name.

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