Overflow Crowd Backs up Freeway

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Well, last night was a memorable one as the "Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ" conference got underway. I was one of the keynote speakers, speaking right after David Barton (from Wallbuilders). The crowds kept pouring in and pouring in; they filled the auditorium, then overflowed to various overflow rooms and eventually there was no room left anywhere. And the cars were back up onto one of the freeways! What a start to a conference! I should have some photos for you in tomorrow’s blog. AiG's Dr. Jason Lisle and I will also speak at an AiG conference in Yukon, Oklahoma, tomorrow and Monday—check out our web calendar for details.

All the Way from Nairobi

Because we have so many guests who come from all over the world to visit the Creation Museum, our AiG staff often have unique opportunities to hear a special speaker, or musical group etc. This past Thursday for our regular chapel meeting , our staff enjoyed a wonderful devotion from Pastor Philemon Wachara:

Pastor Wachara (with his wife Jane) are from Nairobi, Kenya. He pastors a 2,000 member church (Harvest Center Fellowship) and oversees 25 other churches and two schools in parts of East Africa. Right now he is on a sabbatical for educational purposes.

Pray for Pastor Wachara and his work in Kenya/Africa.

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