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It was a real thrill to meet a very special lady and her family at the Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ conference.  Arlene Blanchard was in the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City when a truck bomb exploded in front of the building.  I’m sure we all remember this sad 1995 event.  171 people (including three unborn children) lost their lives.  Arlene worked on the fourth floor of the building, but the Lord allowed her to survive this horrible bombing event.  Arlene has written a gospel booklet centered around her experiences as a result of this tragedy in Oklahoma to use her experience to reach out to others with the saving gospel message; it is called A Survivor’s Story and can be obtained from

Arelene, her husband, and their two children love the ministry of AiG; they shared how much it has meant to them as a family.  What a privilege it was to have my photograph taken with Arlene and also one with Arlene, her husband, their two children, and two of their friends:

Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ

I gave three presentations on Friday evening and Saturday morning at the Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ conference. The emphasis I brought in those presentations was that if we want to reclaim this state for Christ, we need to reclaim the authority of the Word of God—without that foundation, a Christian worldview could not stand!  Here are some photographs from the event that had an overflow crowd on Friday evening:

The auditorium—filled to capacity

Just some of the cars that created a traffic jam getting into the facility

Speaking on Friday evening

Dan Fisher (pastor of the church) and me

Our volunteers

People crowding around the AiG resources tables

A young boy examines the popular AiG curriculum, The Complete Creation Museum Adventure, that teaches the content of the Creation Museum

to children.

I am speaking today and tomorrow for  the AiG conference at the same church (Trinity Baptist Church in Yukon) that held the Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ conference—for details of the AiG conference go to the event page.

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