Even a Four-Year-Old

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I just wanted to say thanks. We totally enjoyed our time at the Creation Museum and all in the group were so impressed with the quality of the exhibits and the clarity of the gospel throughout.

Rick and I were so pleased to finally get to use our passes and see the museum for ourselves. We came home saying that our investment 3-4 years ago is probably one the best investments we’ve ever made! While our 2 year old didn’t get much out of it (though he had a good time!), our 4 year old has been asking lots of questions about the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel . . . all things we’ve discussed with her before, but now she’s gotten visual reinforcement. How amazing to be talking about the root of all sin with a 4 year old! And truly, a lot of credit goes to AiG and what we’ve learned from AiG over the years that we understand the importance of taking everything we teach her back to the Bible, and often that means Genesis.

I’m sure our church will be making another trip next year!! Pass our compliments on to all the staffers on the “floor,” from the exhibits to the dining rooms and everywhere in between. Everyone we met was so kind and represented Christ and AiG well!!


– Dawn

Photos from St. Louis

Here are some photographs from the home educator’s conference I spoke at over the past few days in Missouri:

Home Educator’s Conference

An excited family (they said they are bringing their children to the Creation Museum soon—our museum is only a six-hour drive from St. Louis).

Home Educator’s Conference

Our dedicated volunteers

Praise the Lord for the many testimonies I received—like a note a young girl gave me (which I typed out below):

Dear Mr. Ham, I like your talks, they are fun and informative :) you are fun too. I am glad you are doing two more talks. From your admirer, Kayla.

How thrilling it is to have so many children tell me how much they love the AiG messages—it makes the Bible so real to them.


Marlene and Dick Sauer have been faithfully volunteering for Answers in Genesis for 16 years—starting just after we began the ministry. Today is their 50th wedding anniversary! Congratulations to two of our dearest friends!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

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