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Last Monday, the AiG staff and our Creation Museum guests had the privilege to hear selections from the book of Genesis dramatically performed by the talented Marquis Laughlin. Marquis is a “performance artist” whose life's work is to bless audiences who hear, see, and experience the God of the Bible—through the words of the Bible. Marquis has completely memorized seven books of the Bible. In his solo performances, he uses Scripture to highlight God's relationship with man.

Marquis maintains an active touring schedule, performing in churches and at conferences. His one-man shows have been presented all over the world: recent dramas include Mark's Gospel at the Forum of Trajan in Rome, Italy, and John's Gospel at the Hampton Court Mid-Summer Festival in Hereford, England.

Marquis’ voice can be heard as the narrator in the well-known Scriptorium—a Bible museum in Orlando, Florida. His Acts of the Word television program and Internet features can be seen daily on The NRB Network, Worship Network, and My Family TV.

Marquis—based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA—is married and has three young children.

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