“First Time I Have Witnessed an Adult Accept Christ in a VBS”

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AiG’s VBS programs have been receiving rave reviews. We were thrilled to receive this feedback this past week:

Just a thank you for the VBS Program "The Egypt File". We just completed the program Sunday and it was a great success. Both the children & Teachers loved the lessons, skits, & songs. The greatest thing was we saw 13 children & 1 adult accept Christ as their Savior. A young lady who offered to help with snacks because her children were attending came with her daughter to accept Jesus. In 33 years of ministry this is the first time I have witnessed an adult accept Christ in a VBS program. We look forward to next year’s program. —Pastor Viar, Chillicothe High Street CCCU.
Here are a few pictures from the church’s website. I’ve included a link, if you’d like to see more!

Amazed at the Difference AiG Content Brings

Here is a selection of comments we have received about the AiG VBS program:
We had A successful week of Bible School. 96 different boys and girls came through our church doors. 7 were saved! Praise the Lord! —Kylie H.
We did Operation Space last year and just finished Egypt File last night! We're so AMAZED with the difference that AIG content brings to VBS! —Beckie M.
We have done all three AIG VBS programs starting with the 7 C's. We are super excited about this year's content. All of the teachers have loved the teaching material and can't wait to use it next week when we have our "Egypt Files" VBS. —Tammy R.
I can't tell you how much we love it [The Egypt File], and how fantastically the kids are responding to it. You've done a great job creating a VBS that is engaging and meaningful to both Kinders and 6th graders! Well done AIG!! I'm already eager to learn about Gold Rush VBS 2011! AiG sets the bar for rich content. I love it! —Tracey B.
The kids & grown-ups love it [The Egypt File]! I love the drama and the design time:0) Thanks, Answers!!!!!!! —Ashli N.
We are experiencing a wonderful VBS. 73 kids tonight. 80 registered overall. So many have never heard the basic stories in the Bible. Others are going home asking their parents more questions about evolution - they've never heard the story of Creation. It's such an awesome experience to be part of this. —Heidi B.
Our church just completed the Egypt File tonight! We (both adults and kids) were so blessed by what we learned! Thank you, AIG, for your outstanding VBS program based solely on the authority of God's Word! We had several kids come to know Christ this week and many, many seeds were planted! Thanks again and may God bless this ministry! We're "diggin' diggin'" in the Word of God.  —Allison T.
There are also some photos on our VBS Facebook page that people have added.

You can find out more information about AiG’s VBS programs at AnswersVBS.com.


It shall not be well

(Ecclesiastes 8:13) But it shall not be well with the wicked, neither shall he prolong his days, which are as a shadow; because he fears not before God.

Though the world says that everything works out for good in the end, and that they will get through hard times, without the Lord Jesus Christ, it will not be well.

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