Nazarene Professor Misrepresents—Again!

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Once again, Karl Giberson has misrepresented AiG and me in an obvious attempt to malign our reputation—he is the vice president of BioLogos (an organization that promotes theistic evolution); on the faculty of Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, Massachusetts; and the director of the Forum on Faith and Science at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts.

Writing on the website, Giberson states:

On the Answers in Genesis site, to take one example, Ken Ham published a report about the atheist that Christians love to hate entitled "Dawkins Ranting in Oklahoma."  The audience was described as "mind-numbed robots," and Dawkins' ideas were sarcastically dismissed as communications from "an extraterrestrial."
Giberson did link to my blog post that he references, and I would encourage you to go to that blog post and read it for yourself.  When you do, you will find:
  1. There was no indication that we “hate” Dawkins as implied in Giberson’s comment.  In fact, at the end of the blog item I state: “I don’t get angry at Dawkins, but I do feel sorry for him. If he keeps going the way he is, Dawkins is going to an eternity separated from God. We need to pray for Richard Dawkins that the Lord would soften and change his heart. Just imagine the impact it would have if Dawkins had a Damascus Road experience like the apostle Paul!” At AiG, we pray regularly for people like Dawkins and their salvation.
  2. Most of the blog post was actually a quote from an AiG supporter who attended the meeting with Dawkins and wrote a report of this time. The reference to “an extraterrestrial” was, in this instance, a valid use of sarcasm in regard to just one of Dawkins’ statements.  It was very obvious that Dawkins was mocking Christians.
  3. The  statement by Giberson that the audience was described as “mind-numbed robots” is really taken out of context and not quoted correctly.  The writer of the report I quoted actually stated the following:  “The photos were enough to bring another round of laughter from the crowd. . . . [W]e seemed to be surrounded by a bunch of mind-numbed robots” (emphasis mine).
University profs of all people should ensure they quote people in context—just taking one word out of a quote can change the meaning, emphasis, etc.

You can read Giberson’s article and his attempt to malign AiG once again at:


In the day of atonement, shall you make the trumpet sound

(Leviticus 25:9)  Then shall you cause the trumpet of the jubile to sound on the tenth day of the seventh month, in the day of atonement shall you make the trumpet sound throughout all your land.

Through the gospel and our testimony, we show the lost how The Lord Jesus Christ made possible the great day of each one’s personal atonement with God.

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