Murder Mystery at a Museum

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No, not at our Creation Museum! It’s the theme of a new novel released by my friend Julie Cave called Deadly Disclosures. It’s become a hot seller within the AiG ministry (as of yesterday, it was our second-most popular resource). The novel’s plot involves the killing of a prominent museum official in Washington, D.C., and the creation/evolution issue is a part of the exciting story.

To find out more about Deadly Disclosures, watch this video of Julie and my brother Steve Ham, as they discussed this fascinating book in front of our staff.

In promotional materials, I’ve called Julie’s book a “nail-biting mystery.” I don’t care much for fiction books, but this one really held my interest. I can’t wait for the sequel. (Julie is on the East Coast right now doing research for the second volume in the series.) US supporters can order Deadly Disclosures through our website for only $9.99 plus tax and shipping.

By the way, the book flew off our museum bookstore shelves last week after we suggested that staff buy it as a Father’s Day gift (June 20 is Father’s Day). Probably 50 of our staff got a copy!

New Creation Billboards Now Up

Sometime ago I gave you a sneak preview of new Creation Museum billboards—well they are now up on a couple of major Interstates. Here are photos:

Billboard Billboard Billboard

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