A Video That Changed a Life

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Here is a testimony we received recently that once again illustrates how the Lord is using the AiG ministry to change lives:

I would just like to thank you for your ministry with Answers in Genesis. I have been saved since I was at 15 – at age 18 I left the church and by God’s grace I came back 5 years ago. Four years ago, I was witnessing to my brother who said “Where are dinosaurs at in the Bible”? That was my roadblock. I went to my pastor who led me to a man named Rex who told me about Answers in Genesis.

The church has a library and your DVD set is there. The Lord was working. I borrowed the dinosaur video – but “Why Won’t They Listen?” was in the case instead and I didn’t realize it. That message changed my life and ministry

I teach Jr Church and preach to the teens. I have been able to get into public schools with some of this and it all started with your message. I am currently in Bible College and want to make my main ministry creation for the kids and teen.

I have 3 kids and am married. My wife has decided to Homeschool so my kids won’t be taught evolution. I thank you for your ministry and your service to God. May God bless.

A Special Graduation

On the weekend, my wife and I and a number of our family attended the graduation ceremony for our youngest who just graduated from university. This was a real milestone for our family because she is the last of our children to graduate. Here are some photographs from the ceremony:

The stadium with graduates and family

Many graduates

Our proud graduate

My wife and I with our graduate daughter

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