Who Was on the Cover of People Magazine Recently?

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You may have seen the People magazine cover as you were standing in line at your grocery store earlier this month—with a photo of the Duggars holding their newborn and 19th child (that’s not a typo—they really have 19 children!).

This large family is supportive of our Creation Museum and toured here in 2008—pulling up in a huge bus, with TV cameras capturing the event. It was absolutely amazing to see how well-behaved the children were as they walked through the museum. See my blog post on their visit. Back then, there were “only” 17 of them.

This family has become very popular worldwide, as they appear on TV’s Discovery Health and TLC networks, plus other outlets around the world. Pray for their newest child, Josie, who was born premature, and for the entire family, as it receives ridicule from time to time—not just for having “too many” kids, but also for their stand on the Bible’s authority and accuracy and for teaching their children that Genesis is the true history of the world.

Who Will Be the 1 Millionth Visitor?

Sometime in the next 8–10 weeks or so, the millionth visitor will walk through the doors of the Creation Museum. AiG is planning something very special for whoever this is. We praise the Lord that despite the economy, and given that the Creation Museum is a “destination location,” the third year since opening will see either similar numbers of visitors to last year—or more likely even an increase.

Over the next few weeks we will unveil our special plans for this millionth-visitor day. Up until the bad winter weather, visitor numbers actually exceeded last year at the same time, and since the weather has improved, we are noticing a substantial increase in visitors to the Creation Museum.

Given that some skeptics claimed no one would come—and even some Christians claimed it would be a white elephant—we praise the Lord that the interest in the Creation Museum is even growing. Group bookings right now are ahead of where they were at this time last year!

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